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Stored procedures
When typing several copies of a form one after another, some of the information to type may be the same for each instance of the form. For example, when typing a set of articles, the name and reference of the articles change each time but the name of the supplier may remain the same during several entries.
To speed up the operations, you can ask the current window to copy the information entered in the different controls into the clipboard in order to paste it whenever a new input is performed.
Copying the form data
To copy the data from the current window to the clipboard, use:
  • The "Copy form" option in the context menu of the window.
  • The Ctrl + Alt + C shortcut.
  • The WinCopyForm function.
  • AAFExecute as follows:
    AAFExecute(MyWindow, aafCopyForm)
Pasting the form data
To paste the data from the clipboard to the current window, use:
  • The "Paste the form" option from the popup menu of the window.
  • The Ctrl + Alt + V shortcut.
  • The WinPasteForm function.
Only the controls in edit in the window are modified when pasting a form. The read-only controls or the grayed controls keep their values.
All the controls are copied into the clipboard when copying a form. You can paste the result in a notepad for example. On the contrary, you cannot copy text from a notepad to paste it in a window.
During the paste operation, no process is run (modification process or exit from control for example). The window is not informed that the values of its controls have changed. If this automatic feature is enabled in an application, you must check the validity of the controls when validating the window (and not in control exit).
Minimum version required
  • Version 15
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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