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Stored procedures
Managing connections
The remote management tool is used to manage the connections to the dynamic WEBDEV sites via the "Connections" link found in the menu bar.
The main table presents the current connections on the Application Server:
  • if the connected user is a site manager, the connections displayed are the ones corresponding to the associated sites and Webservices.
  • if the connected user is the administrator, the connections displayed are the ones corresponding to the sites and Webservices installed on the server.
For each connected user, the remote administrator gives:
  • the process identifier (PID) of the session.
  • the name of the site to which the user is connected.
  • various information (IP address of the client, user-agent of the browser, ...).
  • the total duration of the connection.
  • the amount of idle time.
To disconnect a specific user or all the users, click the "Disconnect" and "Disconnect all" buttons found below the table.
The "Refresh" button is used to refresh the content of the table.
Minimum version required
  • Version 7
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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