• Managing backups
  • Restoring a backup
  • Downloading site and its data files
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Stored procedures
Managing backups
The remote management tool is used to manage the backups of your dynamic WEBDEV sites. You can:
  • Retrieve a backup performed during the remote update of a site.
  • Perform a backup of the site (to process the data files in a Back Office application for example).
The management of backups is performed from the "Sites" or "Webservices" tab of the remote administrator.

Restoring a backup

Restoring a backup is used to re-establish the site (HTML pages, images, ...) and the associated data files in the status they were during the last backup. This last backup was performed during the remote update of the WEBDEV site ("Do not destroy the site backup after the update" checked).
  • Restoring a backup disconnects all the Web users.
  • Only the last backup can be restored.

Downloading site and its data files

This option is used to create an archive of your site. This archive can be retrieved locally. The files found in this archive can be extracted in order to be processed thereafter.
You have the ability to use a backup performed by the remote administrator to transfer the data files from the WEBDEV site to the company headquarters. Then, these files can be extracted from the archive and processed by a Back Office application developed in WINDEV for example.
The backup includes one or two archive files in ".ZIP" format:
  • a <SiteName>_Fic.ZIP file and a <SiteName>_App.ZIP file if the site files and the data files are found in different directories.
  • a single .ZIP file if the data files are found in a sub-directory of the site.
These files are created in the FTP transfer directory, defined for the remote setup and update of the sites. Contact the server administrator if you do not know the parameters of your FTP account.
These archive files can be retrieved:
  • by a WINDEV or WEBDEV application that is using the FTP functions.
  • by an FTP client program.
Then, these archive files can be read and decompressed via the functions for archive management of WINDEV (or WEBDEV).
Caution: Performing a backup disconnects all the Web users.
Minimum version required
  • Version 7
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