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Stored procedures
The remote WEBDEV administrator proposes a module for consulting the statistics regarding the traffic of your dynamic WEBDEV sites (standard and AWP) and Webservices deployed on a WEBDEV Application Server.
These statistics are calculated from the log files (".LOG" extension) generated by the WEBDEV Application Server. These files can be saved for all the sites or for a specific site.
Some examples of statistics automatically calculated:
  • List of connections: details of all the connections performed on the Web server (IP address, date and time, browser used, operating system, etc.).
  • Connections per site: number of connections per WEBDEV site and duration.
  • List of pages visited by a Web user.
  • Number of connections per type of browser (Internet Explorer, ...).
  • Number of connections per time slot.
  • Number of connections per operating system.
  • List of sites where the users were before getting to your site.
  • List of keywords used on the search engines allowing the Web users to reach your site.
  • Statistics regarding the geographical origin of the visitors (by country)
These statistics are displayed in:
  • Summary table.
  • Chart. These charts can be customized via a toolbar (rollover of the chart). You have the ability to change the type of chart, to add some legends, to modify the font, etc.
A specific account dedicated to the management of statistics is required to access this statistical module. This account can be created via the remote administrator.
Viewing statistics
To find out the statistics regarding the traffic of your sites, you must:
  1. Configure the remote administrator.
  2. Import the log files.
  3. Show the statistics.
Minimum version required
  • Version 16
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