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The WEBDEV administrator

The WEBDEV administrator is a module used to manage dynamic WEBDEV sites (in Session or AWP mode). This module is required to implement the dynamic WEBDEV sites installed on the server.
In deployment, two types of WEBDEV administrators are available:
  • the WEBDEV administrator that allows the hosting company to manage the dynamic WEBDEV sites installed on a Web server.
  • the remote WEBDEV administrator that allows the site manager to manage their dynamic WEBDEV sites remotely from any computer.
To start the WEBDEV administrator, select "Programs .. WEBDEV SaaS application server.. WEBDEV administrator" from the "Start" menu.
You can:
  • automate the administrator start by creating a shortcut in the start group of Windows.
  • install the administrator in service, when installing WEBDEV application server.
    When the WEBDEV administrator is installed as service, you can start its interface only by specifying the INTERFONLY parameter in the command line. The command line becomes:
Caution: The WEBDEV administrator must be run in background task.
The WEBDEV administrator includes a window containing several tabs:
  • "Connections" tab to configure the characteristics of current connections.
  • "Sites" tab, which lists the WEBDEV sites installed on the current computer.
  • "Web services" tab, which lists the (SOAP or REST) WEBDEV webservices installed on the current computer.
  • "WebSockets" tab, which lists the WebSocket servers installed on the current computer.
  • "Configuration" tab to configure the general configuration of WEBDEV sites installed on the current computer.
  • "Advanced" tab to configure specific features.
  • "Cluster" tab to configure the WEBDEV cluster and its nodes.
  • "Setups" tab to manage the WEBDEV server on the current computer.
  • "Logs" tab to view the content of logs.
With a Linux server:
With a Linux server, we recommend that you use the remote administrator to manage the dynamic WEBDEV sites.
However, a WEBDEV administrator is also available. To view the interface of this administrator, you must:
  • have the X11 server installed to see the graphic administrator interface.
  • start the administrator by using the following command line: wd300admin /INTERFONLY (case sensitive). This file is located in the installation directory of WEBDEV Application Server.
Remark: Some features of WEBDEV administrator are not available in Linux, especially:
  • the management of email spooler.
  • the management of error messages. This option is available in the remote administrator.
  • the management of prints.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 08/30/2023

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