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WEBDEV is a full development environment dedicated to Internet and Intranet. WEBDEV is the perfect tool for developing Internet and Intranet sites that require access to a database.
The technology used ensures that dynamic sites work on all available browsers, regardless of their version, whether they run on PC, MAC, Unix, etc.
This technology also allows for the applications to be used by all Windows servers available on the market: Apache, IIS, ...
WEBDEV includes:
  • WEBDEV Development Version:
    This version, Installed on the development computer, allows you to develop a WEBDEV site and test it locally.
  • WEBDEV Application Server:
    Installed on a server at the hosting company, this version is used to deploy a WEBDEV site. The site can be used by all Web users.
Remark: The WEBDEV Application Server is not required to deploy a static site (that uses no data).
Features of WEBDEV Application Server
The WEBDEV Application Server must be installed on a server (at the hosting company or on an Intranet server). Via the WEBDEV Application Server:
  • Web users can use dynamic WEBDEV sites.
  • The server administrator can:
    • Manage and configure dynamic WEBDEV sites located on the server.
    • Configure the WEBDEV accounts associated with each site manager.
    • Install dynamic WEBDEV sites from the DVD supplied by the site manager.
    • Monitor the setup and update of dynamic WEBDEV sites remotely (via FTP or HTTP).
    • Monitor the servers where the dynamic WEBDEV sites are installed.
  • The manager of the WEBDEV sites can:
    • Perform remote setups and updates of his dynamic sites (by FTP or HTTP).
    • Change the configuration of dynamic WEBDEV sites.
    • Perform stress tests on the deployment server.
    • Monitor the Web server where the WEBDEV sites are installed.


Even though WEBDEV 28 assists you the best it can, the remote setup requires an "expert" level for configuring the server. This area is NOT directly related to WEBDEV. These settings cannot be defined by a novice.
You must have a minimum knowledge of this area or have knowledgeable help.
If you want to use these advanced features, plan to spend the required time for installing them and for configuring them. This setting depends on several parameters not related to PC SOFT and to WEBDEV.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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