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Stored procedures
WDSQL is used to:
  • Create and run SQL queries on a database from the developer computer as well as from the end-user computer.
  • Check the validity of connection parameters and its operating mode.
  • Convert the structure of an HFSQL database into SQL script. Then, this script can be run on an SQL database to create the database corresponding to the HFSQL analysis.
Remark: WDSQL is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The 64-bit version is used to access external databases for which only the ODBC driver in 64 bits is available.

Starting WDSQL

To start WDSQL if WINDEV is installed on your computer:
  • From the editor: on the "Tools" tab, in the "Database" group, click "WDSql".
  • Run "WDSQL.EXE" directly (32-bit version).
  • Run "WDSQL64.EXE" directly (64-bit version).
If WINDEV is not installed on your computer, WDSQL can be started by running "WDSQL.EXE" directly.
As soon as WDSQL is started, a connection wizard allows you to define the database to use.

Use conditions

WDSQL can be redistributed. Therefore, WDSQL can be installed with the applications developed with WINDEV. The license agreement of WINDEV is fully enforced.
When creating the setup procedure, WDSQL can be supplied with your applications.
Reminder: The setup procedure can be created:
  • via the wizard: on the "Project" tab, in the "Generation" group, expand "Setup procedure" and select "Create setup procedure".
  • from the setup editor: on the "Tools" tab, in the "Utilities" group, click "WDInst".

Installing WDSQL on another computer

The following files are required to install WDSQL:
  • WDSQL.EXE (32 bits) or WDSQL64.EXE (64 bits)
  • wd280cpl.dll
  • wd280com.dll
  • wd280etat.dll
  • wd280hf.dll
  • wd280html.dll
  • wd280mat.dll
  • wd280obj.dll
  • wd280oledb.dll
  • wd280pnt.dll
  • wd280prn.dll
  • wd280rpl.dll
  • wd280rtf.dll
  • wd280std.dll
  • wd280sql.dll
  • wd280vm.dll
  • wd280xml.dll
  • WDOutil.WDK
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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