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Stored procedures
WDSQL is used to convert the structure of an HFSQL database into SQL script. Then, this script can be run on an SQL database to create the database corresponding to the HFSQL analysis.
This option is used for example to simplify the creation of an analysis on an Oracle database from an existing analysis in WINDEV format.
Remark: To convert the structure of an HFSQL database, you must be connected to an SQL database. This connection is used to identify the types of columns recognized by the selected SQL database. Theses types of columns will be used when exporting the HFSQL database to the SQL database.
How to?

Converting the structure of a database from WDSQL

To convert the structure of a database from WDSQL:
  1. Connect to an SQL database. For more details, see Connecting to a database.
  2. Select "Tools .. Analysis conversion" or click . The wizard for analysis conversion starts.
  3. Select the WINDEV analysis to convert (".WDD" file).
  4. Specify (if necessary) the password of this analysis (runtime password defined in the analysis description.
  5. Select the directory containing the data files of the analysis to convert and go to the next step.
  6. Select the data files that must be converted to SQL format and go to the next step.
  7. The generated conversion script is displayed in the wizard.
    Remark: In the wizard, you can:
    • modify this script,
    • find an expression in this script,
    • replace the expressions found by another expression.
  8. Validate. The SQL code of the generated script is automatically displayed in the main window of WDSQL.
Remark: This script can be:
  • modified in the main window of WDSQL,
  • saved ("File .. Save a query" or ),
  • run ("Execution .. Run a script in batch" or ).
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 06/07/2023

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