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  • What are the files created and supported by WINDEV, WEBDEV et WINDEV Mobile?
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Extensions of files created by WINDEV, WEBDEV, WINDEV Mobile
What are the files created and supported by WINDEV, WEBDEV et WINDEV Mobile?
The table below presents the main extensions of files created and supported by WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile. To make this document easier to read, these extensions are sorted by alphabetical order.
Remark: From version 19, HFSQL is the new name of HyperFileSQL.
ExtensionDescriptionThemeMust not be deleted
.AWLFile generated for each page of a dynamic site. Corresponds to the library of the page. Used during a page-by-page deployment.RuntimeX
.AWWSLibrary containing all the procedures of a Webservice. These procedures can be used by any application that uses your Webservice. See Generating a Webservice for more details.Runtime
.BKCArchive file of class (created during the first class backup)Archive
.BKEArchive file of report (created during the first report backup)Archive
.BKGArchive file of set of procedures (created during the first backup of set of procedures)Archive
.BKHArchive file of help system (created during the first backup of help system)Archive
.BKPArchive file of project (created during the first project backup)Archive
.BKRArchive file of query (created during the first query backup)Archive
.BKTArchive file of template created during the first backup (window template, control template or page template).Archive
.BKWArchive file of WINDEV window (created during the first window backup)Archive
.CPDProgramming charter programmationCode styleEditorsX
.DEPList of dependencies of a projectWINDEV tools
.DICDescription of the dictionaryEditorsX
.DPLPrint duplicateRuntimeX
.DRTTable of rights for the developer groupware.EditorsX
.EMFImage generated for the previews in the editors.EditorsX
.ENVParameters of the editor environment and the projects usedEditors
.ERRError message of each componentEditorsX
.EXEexecutable fileRuntime
.FTXFile corresponding to a full-text index.HFSQLX
.GABSkin template of WINDEV/WEBDEVEditorsX
.HSPHFSQL stored procedureHFSQLX
.HTMStatic HTML pageRuntimeX
.LSTFile containing the name of the HFSQL files to save (created by WDLog)Tools
.MCDDescription of the Conceptual Data Model (CDM)AnalysisX
.MDEProcedures of RAD patternsRADX
.MDFInternal file of analysisAnalysisX
.MDLDescription file of RAD patternsRADX
.MGRGraphic section of analysisAnalysisX
.MLDDescription of the Logical Data Model (LDM)AnalysisX
.NETWDUpdate.NET (end-user computers)
File containing the references of the different applications to check during a network setup and, for each one of them, the characteristics of the check to perform. This file is created by WDADMINEXE
.PATTERNFile corresponding to the RAD pattern.EditorsX
.RADRAD information about the analysisAnalysisX
.REPCorrespondence between the logical files and the physical files used by an application.
See Managing the ".REP" file for more details
.REWURL RewritingRuntimeX
.RPALog file containing information about the replication. This file is exchanged between the master database and the subscriber database.ToolsX
.RPLDescribing the subscriber replicasToolsX
.RPMDescribing the master replicasToolsX
.RPPParameters of the replicationToolsX
.SEMInternal file of analysis.AnalysisX
.SQLQuery saved by WDSQLToolsX
.SRPScenario created and used by WDReplic to perform a replicationToolsX
.STYDescribing the control stylesEditorsX
.SVGImage format that can be generated.Runtime
.SYNInformation for synchronizing the universal replicationToolsX
.TKCArchive file of a class (created whenever the class is saved)Archive
.TKEArchive file of report (created whenever the report is saved)Archive
.TKGArchive file of a set of procedures (created each time the set of procedures is saved)Archive
.TKHArchive file of a help system (created each time the help system is saved)Archive
.TKPArchive file of the project (created each time the project is saved)Archive
.TKRArchive file of a query (created each time the query is saved)Archive
.TKWArchive file of window (created each time the window is saved)Archive
.TRSLog of operations in transactionHFSQLX
.TRXLog of values before the transactionHFSQLX
.UMLUML modelEditorsX
.VERInternal file of analysis.AnalysisX
.WAMBWEBDEV skinEditorsX
.WBCList of identifiers of classes
Caution: In WINDEV 5.5, this extension corresponded to the compilation information of a class.
.WBEList of identifiers of reports
Caution: In WINDEV 5.5, this extension corresponded to the compilation information of a report.
.WBGList of identifiers of sets of proceduresCompilation
.WBLStatus report of multi-project batchesEditors
.WBPList of identifiers of a project
Caution: In WINDEV 5.5, this extension corresponded to the compilation information of a project.
.WBRList of identifiers of a query.Compilation
.WBWList of identifiers of windows
Caution: In WINDEV 5.5, this extension corresponded to the compilation information of a window.
.WCCInformation for compiling a class (re-created after each compilation)Compilation
.WCEInformation for compiling a report (re-created after each compilation)Compilation
.WCGInformation for compiling a set of procedures (re-created after each compilation)Compilation
.WCIList of elements in the internal component.Editors
.WCPInformation for compiling a project (re-created after each compilation)Compilation
.WCWInformation for compiling a window (re-created after each compilation)Compilation
.WDADescription of the analysis and HFSQL files (in edit) for the data model editorEditorsX
.WDAPBackup of the WDA file for the last generated analysisEditors
.WDAUDITFile corresponding to a dynamic auditEditors
.WDBATCHBatch fileEditorsX
Versions 22 and later
New in version 22
Code coverage: Custom data of code coverage. EditorsX
.WDDDescription of the analysis and HFSQL files (at runtime)EditorsX
.WDFParameter file for the custom setup of a projectEditorsX
.WDFABLibrary of action plansEditorsX
.WDGSet of procedures
Caution: In WINDEV 5.5, this extension corresponded to the file containing the list of files used by WDInst.
.WDHDescription of the help systemEditorsX
.WDIDescription of a external component (for developing applications only)External componentX
.WDITTranslation file an an external componentExternal componentX
.WDKFile containing all the elements of an external componentExternal componentX
.WDMError messages of different framework DLLs.
This file is generated by WDInt (tool for translating error messages)
.WDOList of different elements supplied with an external component (data files, .INI files, etc.).External componentX
.WDPWINDEV projectEditorsX
Caution: In WINDEV 5.5, this extension corresponded to the "include" module of data files
.WDTWindow template, Control templateEditorsX
.WDUName and full path of elements included in a libraryEditors
.WDUMPDebugging dumpRuntime
.WDVDescription of file conversions (generated by WDConver or by the data model editor)ToolsX
.WDWWINDEV windowEditorsX
.WDYSkin Template file at run time. This file is required to apply a skin template dynamically (ChangeSkinTemplate).
If the project is associated with a skin template, the WDY file corresponding to the skin template is automatically included in the WDL (library).
.WDZArchive file (created by WDZip for example)EditorsX
.WEMFlexible modelEditorsX
.WEPCompilation errors of projectCompilation
.WERDescription of replicationToolsX
.WGPInternal compilation fileCompilation
.WIGInternal compilation fileCompilation
.WLWLanguage code that can be included in an application or in a site (by the EXTERN keyword)
Four files are supplied with WINDEV (\Personal\Extern directory):
  • "WinConst.wl": Standard Windows constants.
  • "Limits.wl": Constants corresponding to the limits for the types of WINDEV data.
  • "ListeDefinitionHF.wl": HFSQL constants used for the log process.
  • "EXCEPT.wl": Most common exception codes (returned by ExceptionInfo(errCode).
  • "KeyConst.wl": Standard Windows constants used for the keyboard keys. These constants can be used by KeyPressed in the optional WINDEV events "Key Down" or "Key up" by using the variable _EVE.wParam.
.WLOGRuntime logEditorsX
.WLRInternal compilation fileCompilation
.WMEMMemory dumpRuntime
.WPAAction planEditorsX
.WPCColor paletteEditorsX
.WPFStatistical file saved and handled by the performance profiler. EditorsX
.WPPWINDEV Mobile projectEditorsX
.WPWWINDEV Mobile windowEditorsX
.WRCList of references of classesCompilation
.WREList of references of reportsCompilation
.WRGList of references of sets of proceduresCompilation
.WRKList of references of componentsCompilation
.WRPList of references of projectCompilation
.WRRList of references of queriesCompilation
.WRWList of references of windowsCompilation
.WSCTTest scenarioRuntimeX
.WSDLDescription file of WebservicesEditorsX
.WSMGraph for flexible modelingEditorsX
.WTEReport templateEditorsX
.WWFDescription of WEBDEV setupEditors
.WWHFrameset, Dynamic WEBDEV pageEditorsX
.WWNSet of browser proceduresEditorsX
.WWPWEBDEV projectEditorsX
.WWTPage templateEditorsX
.WXExternal configuration of WINDEV applicationsSetupX
.WXFTemporary file containing the setup program description (created by WDInst)SetupX
.WXRESResult of automatic testEditors
.WXTAutomatic testEditorsX
.XDDInternal file of analysisAnalysisX
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