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Stored procedures
A query is used to request information from a database to view, insert, change or delete data. The query structure defines the data used.
A query can request information from one or more data files.
The query editor allows you to easily create queries without programming.
For example, in the Sales Management application, you want to find out:
  • the orders placed in March 2015. You are going to create a query used to select the orders placed between 03/01/2015 and 03/31/2015 in the ORDERS file.
    The QRY_March2015 query interrogates the ORDERS file.
  • the numbers of the orders placed by customers who live in Paris (France). You are going to create a query that will interrogate:
    • the CUSTOMER file to select the customers who live in Paris (France).
    • the ORDERS file to display the order numbers.
The QRY_OrdersCustomerParisFrance query interrogates two data files (CUSTOMER and ORDERS).
Remark: For more details on how to manipulate a query in a WLanguage process, see Referring to an element in a WLanguage process.
Query characteristics

Creating a query from the report editor

When creating a report, you can define a query. This query will be called embedded query.
For more details, see Query creation mode.
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Minimum version required
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