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WDReplic is a tool used to manage the replication of data between several computers that use the same application.
Reminder: The replication is the operation allowing you to keep updated remote databases of identical structures on which several operations are performed. The operations performed on each one of the databases are applied to all the other databases.
Caution: To use WDReplic, the application database must be configured to support the replication. Contact your application provider for more details (or see the online help of WINDEV).
Features of WDReplic
WDReplic gives you the ability to entirely manage the replication of data.
WDReplic is used to:
  • Implement a replication.
  • Run a replication.
  • Schedule a replication.
  • Edit a replication.
When and how should I use WDReplic?
WDReplic must be used:
Caution: The use of WDReplic assumes that the application was configured to support the replication (modification of the analysis required).

Use conditions

WDReplic can be redistributed. WDReplic can be installed with the applications developed with WINDEV or WEBDEV. The license agreement of WINDEV or WEBDEV is fully enforced.
When creating the setup procedure, WDReplic can be added to the modules installed with your applications.
Reminder: The setup procedure can be created:
  • via the wizard. To start the wizard, go to the "Project" tab, "Generation" group, expand "Setup procedure" and select "Create setup procedure".
  • from the setup editor. To start the setup editor, go to the "Tools" tab, "Utilities" group and click "WDInst".
The following files are required for installing WDReplic:
  • WDReplic.EXE
  • wd300cpl.dll
  • wd300com.dll
  • wd300etat.dll
  • wd300hf.dll
  • wd300html.dll
  • wd300mat.dll
  • wd300obj.dll
  • wd300oldb.dll
  • wd300pnt.dll
  • wd300prn.dll
  • wd300rpl.dll
  • wd300rtf.dll
  • wd300std.dll
  • wd300sql.dll
  • wd300vm.dll
  • wd300xml.dll
  • WDOutil.WDK
  • WDReplic_FR.pdf
  • WDReplic_EN.pdf
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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