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Stored procedures
Client application: Running procedures on a SOAP server
This feature is reserved for advanced users, to handle special cases. In most cases, we recommend importing the wsdl file of the SOAP web service. For more details, see Importing/Consuming Webservices.
WINDEV include several SOAP functions. These functions allow you to manage the execution of procedures on a SOAP server from your WINDEV applications.
All the parameters required to run a SOAP procedure are supplied in the documentation of the SOAP server.
To run a procedure on a SOAP server:
  1. Initialize the structure of parameters for the procedure to run (see structure of a SOAP procedure).
    Remark: To perform additional checks on the SOAP server, add a procedure header (SOAPAddHeader).
  2. Run the procedure (SOAPRun or SOAPRunXML). The following operations are automatically performed:
    • connecting the current computer and the SOAP server.
    • transmitting the parameters of the procedure to the SOAP server.
    • checking the header if necessary.
    • running the procedure.
    • returning the procedure result or error to the current computer.
  3. Check the procedure result.
The result of SOAPRun or SOAPRunXML is used to find out whether the connection was successfully established.
If the connection was not established, use ErrorInfo to find out the cause of the error.
If the connection was established, check the result of SOAPGetResult:
  • if the result is not an empty string (""), the procedure was successfully run.
  • if the result is an empty string (""), the procedure was not run and/or an error was returned. To get the procedure error, use SOAPError.
The transfers are not secured at the moment (the data transferred is not encrypted). The SOAP protocol should not be used to transfer sensitive data.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 06/26/2023

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