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Stored procedures
This feature is reserved for advanced users, to handle special cases. In most cases, we recommend importing the wsdl file of the SOAP web service. For more details, see Importing/Consuming Webservices.
Remark: These functions are also available in prefix syntax (SOAP functions (prefix syntax)).
The following functions are used to manage the SOAP protocol:
SOAPAddAttributeAdds an attribute to an automatic variable generated by the import of a Webservice.
SOAPAddHeaderAdds a header to the next SOAP function of a Webservice to run.
SOAPAddSAMLAssertionAdds a SAML assertion to a Webservice request.
SOAPAddXMLSignatureAdds an XML signature to a Webservice request.
SOAPEncodeResultUsed to configure the format of the value returned by the WINDEV SOAP server to the SOAP client program.
SOAPErrorReturns the error of the last SOAP procedure that failed.
SOAPGetHeaderRetrieves a header in the SOAP message received further to a call to a Webservice.
SOAPGetResultReturns the result of the last SOAP procedure that was successfully run.
SOAPPrepareBuilds the SOAP request for calling a Webservice function.
SOAPRunRuns a procedure on a SOAP server.
SOAPRunXMLRuns a procedure on a SOAP server.
SOAPToHTTPBuilds the HTTP request to call a function of a Webservice. This request can be modified to adapt it to the expectations of the Webservice, if necessary. It can then be sent using HTTPSend.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 06/26/2023

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