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Stored procedures
From version 24, Gauge is kept for backward compatibility. This function is replaced by ProgressBar.
Displays a progress bar in the status bar of current window.
Remark: The window must have a status bar.
Maxim is int = 234
FOR i = 1 TO Maxim
ProgressBar(i, Maxim, "There is " + (Maxim-i)*100/Maxim + "% left")

Displaying the progress bar Hide the details

ProgressBar(<Progress Bar value> [, <Maximum value> [, <Progress Bar text> [, <Color>]]])
<Progress Bar value>: Integer
Increment value of the progress bar. This value must be between 0 and <Maximum value>.
<Maximum value>: Optional integer
Maximum possible value of progress bar. If this parameter is not specified, the maximum value of the progress bar is set to 100.
<Progress Bar text>: Optional character string
Caption displayed on the right of the progress bar. If this parameter is not specified, the text displayed has the following format: "NN%" where NN represents the percentage of <Progress Bar value> in relation to <Maximum value>.
For example: 45%.
<Color>: Integer or constant (optional)
Color of progress bar. This color can correspond to:
If this parameter is not specified, the color used corresponds to the color of the selected elements. This color is defined in the display properties of the current computer (control panel, "Display" option, "Appearance" tab in Windows NT).

Erasing the progress bar


Erasing the progress bar

If a text was displayed in the status bar before the progress bar was displayed, this text is restored when the progress bar is erased.

Status bar

To display the status bar in a window, check "Show status bar" in the "Style" tab of the window description.
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Progress bar and MDI child window

ProgressBar, used from an MDI child window without status bar, uses the status bar of the parent window.
AndroidAndroid Widget


The following limitations exist for Android:
  • The progress bar will be displayed on the maximized windows that include a title bar.
  • The text or the color of the progress bar cannot be specified.
  • The maximum value of the progress bar must be included between 0 and 10000.
  • The progress bar is automatically hidden when it reaches its maximum value. The call to ProgressBar without parameters is used to hide the progress bar before it reaches its maximum value.
Component: wd280obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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