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Stored procedures
<Looper>.SearchEverywhere (Function)
In french: <Zone répétée>.CherchePartout
From version 27, Looper.SeekAnywhere is kept for backward compatibility. This function has been replaced with <Looper>.SearchEverywhere.
Searches for a value in all the attributes of a Looper control.
// Click code of the Button control [Search]
nPos is int
nPos = LOOP_Order.SearchEverywhere(EDT_Search, searchContains)
// If found
IF nPos > 0 THEN
// Selects the row
LOOP_Order = nPos
<Result> = <Looper control>.SearchEverywhere(<Sought value> [, <Type of search> [, <Start>]])
<Result>: Integer
  • Index of the element found,
  • -1 if the search failed.
<Looper control>: Control name
Name of the Looper control where the search will be performed. The search is performed in all the attributes.
<Sought value>: Character string
Value sought in all attributes.
<Type of search>: Optional Integer constant
Type of search to perform:
(Default value)
Generic search of type "Contains":
<Result> corresponds to the index of the row where elements have a value containing <Sought value>.
searchExactMatchExact-match search whose type is "Equals to":
<Result> corresponds to the index of the rows where elements have a value strictly equal to <Sought value>.
searchStartsWithGeneric search whose type is "Starts with":
<Result> corresponds to the index of the row where elements have a value starting with <Sought value>.
<Start>: Optional integer
Start index for the search (1 by default).

Use conditions

  • <Looper>.SearchEverywhere can be used on:
    • a Looper control based on a data file. However, this function is not available for the Table controls based on a data file with direct access.
    • a Looper control populated programmatically.
  • The value is sought among the attributes that are linked to a visible text value (for example, Value on an Edit control or Caption on a Static control)
  • The search is not performed in the hidden attributes.

Case sensitivity

The search is not case sensitive, even if the search is an exact-match search.
Component: wd290obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 23
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Last update: 06/22/2023

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