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Stored procedures
LooperSearch (Function)
In french: ZoneRépétéeCherche
From version 27, LooperSeek is kept for backward compatibility. This function has been replaced with LooperSearch.
Searches for a value in an attribute of a Looper control.
Remark: To perform a search in all the attributes of a Looper control, use LooperSearchEverywhere.
// Counts the names starting with "SMI"
// The first one
Index is int = LooperSearch(ATT_NAME, "SMI", False)
Cnt is int = 0
WHILE Index <> -1
// Next one
Index = LooperSearch(ATT_NAME, "SMI", False, Index + 1)
Info("There are " + Cnt + " names starting with 'SMI'")
// Finds the position of customer #1234
Index is int = LooperSearch(ATT_IDCUSTOMER, "1234")
// If this customer was found
IF Index <> -1 THEN
// Positions the Looper control on the found customer
// Retrieves the name of the customer (ATT_NAME is an "attribute" of LOOP_LOOPER1)
// and assigns it to a Static control
STC_CAPTION1 = " Information about " + ATT_NAME
<Result> = LooperSearch(<Attribute> , <Sought value> [, <Type of search> [, <Start>]])
<Result>: Integer
  • Index of the element found,
  • -1 if the search failed.
<Attribute>: Character string
Attribute of the Looper control on which the search must be performed.
If this parameter corresponds to an empty string (""), the search is performed on the attribute to which the current event belongs.
<Sought value>: Character string
Value sought in the specified attribute.
<Type of search>: Optional Integer constant
Type of search to perform:
searchContainsGeneric search of type "Contains"
The index of the elements containing <Sought value> is returned.
searchExactMatch (or True for compatibility)
(Default value)
Exact-match search ("Equals to")
The index of the elements whose value is strictly equal to <Sought value> is returned.
searchStartsWith (or False for compatibility)Generic search whose type is "Starts with"
The index of the elements whose value starts with <Sought value> is returned.
<Start>: Optional integer
Start index for the search (1 by default).

Use conditions

LooperSearch can be used on:
  • a Looper control based on a data file,
  • a Looper control populated programmatically.
WEBDEV - Browser code This function is not available for Linear Looper controls. This function is available for Looper controls in browser mode only.
WEBDEV - Server codePHP This function is available for Looper controls in Ajax mode, Looper controls in classic mode and Linear Looper controls.

Case sensitivity

The search is not case sensitive, even if the search is an exact-match search.
Business / UI classification: UI Code
Component: wd290obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 06/22/2023

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