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WINDEV Mobile 26: Benefit from the 170 new features of version 26
WINDEV Mobile benefits from most of the 170 common new features in version 26, and in particular: new Smart controls, non-blocking required input fields, HTML control for emails, HTML programming functions, functionalities for maps, charts, simpler style sheets, richer code editor, asynchronous HFSQL queries, new features of WLanguage, etc...
Of course, WINDEV Mobile 26 also benefits from many new features specific to the mobile world. Learn more in the following pages.
Use HTML on mobile devices as well
The new HTML Edit control, HTML email control and HTML programming functions are available for your mobile applications.
The new HTML Edit control allows users to enter HTML texts in WYSIWYG mode from a mobile device or tablet.
This allows entering rich text, with formatting options.
The new email control allows users to enter rich-text emails from a phone.
HTML programming allows you to analyze web pages, for example, and to extract data from them.

3 new Smart controls in WINDEV Mobile 26
New Smart controls are available in WINDEV Mobile 27.
  • Snackbar
  • Unlock pattern
  • Bank-type PIN.
New Smart control: Snackbar (with cancel button)
The "Snackbar" Smart control is a toast message that allows a user action, generally to undo the action that has just been performed.

New Smart control: Unlock pattern
The "Unlock pattern" Smart control allows you to use an unlock pattern specific to your application.
A practice and an unlock mode are provided.

New Smart control: Bank-type PIN code input
The "Bank-type PIN code input" Smart control is a set of randomly positioned numbers. You can configure how many digits are required.

Reminder : WINDEV can open and handle WINDEV Mobile projects
To make cross-platform development easier, WINDEV can open WINDEV Mobile projects (and WEBDEV projects as well).
This avoids duplicating code and objects and performing unnecessary operations. Objects are shared immediately.
The same project in WINDEV can contain WINDEV, iOS and Android configurations (and even WEBDEV configurations).
In edit mode, you can seamlessly switch from one configuration to another.
Remark: it is of course necessary to have a WINDEV Mobile (and/or WEBDEV) license.
New animations
3 new control animations are introduced in version 26:
  • Button click: fade in, fade out: the button gradually goes from one state to the other.
  • Control appears/disappears: fade in, fade out.
  • Cell appears/disappears in Layout controls: controls go up or down gradually.
OCR on mobile devices: Take a picture, retrieve the text
Applications developed with WINDEV Mobile 27 include Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
This type of recognition can be used on any file (PDF, JPEG, etc.) and also on photos taken with the phone (or tablet).
The user can take a picture of a contract and retrieve the text of the contract in the application!
The phone can also be used as a scanner for a Windows application or a website: it takes a picture of a document and sends the text to a Windows application or a website.
Non-blocking required input field
The non-blocking required input field is also available for mobile devices.
The icons and warning messages have been optimized for good readability on mobile devices.
Invalid input: Custom error messages
You can now choose how to indicate errors when the end user enters invalid or incomplete information:
  • red borders
  • text
  • icon
  • tooltip
  • ...
GO: Choose hardware for tests (GO)
You can now choose the hardware that will be used for tests (via the GO option) during the development phase.
This allows you to make sure that the window behaves as expected on specific devices: anchors,...
Looper control: Row height greater than screen height
In a Looper control, the height of a row can now be greater than the height of the screen. Useful, for example, when a row contains a long message.
Speech synthesis: Voice selection
The new SpeechSynthesisListVoices WLanguage function lists the different voices available on the device.
The SpeechSynthesisInitialize function is used to select a voice.
Thus, you can manage the voices used for the speech synthesis in your applications.

Zip functions: zipArchive type available
The zipArchive WLanguage type, which allows you tu handle compressed files (Zip, 7z, other) is now available for mobile devices.
Auto-sizing text: When a caption is too large, the font is reduced
You can assign captions through programming.
The assigned caption may be larger than its container.
And in some cases, you still want the entire text to be displayed.
An option in the 7-tab window allows you to specify that the entire text must be displayed.
If the text is too large, the font will be reduced so that it is completely visible.
You can set the minimum font size.
Edit control: Custom masks
Custom input masks are available in WINDEV Mobile 26.
InputMask, an advanced WLanguage type, allows you to program all the desired behaviors: license plate, product number,...

Map control on mobile
The Map control boasts significant improvements: cluster, Popup, route display, image drawing, etc, ... extend the possibilities of this powerful control.
For mobile phones; the new dark theme, real-time road traffic display and the ability to manage gestures, or to restrict the display to a given geographic area, are especially useful additions.

An MDM as standard: Your private store MDM for WINDEV Mobile: Easy
It is very easy to deploy your applications:
1 - Enable the MDM option in the project
2 - Compile the applications
3 - Upload the applications to the MDM server
4 - Define the authorized users
5 - Share the URL or QRCode (automatically generated) with the users
6 - Users will download the app, log in and start using the app.
7 - For subsequent updates; users will be notified, and can accept and automatically download the update.
Note that in iOS, an In-House distribution provisioning profile is necessary.
MDM for WINDEV Mobile: Authentication
You can fully manage usernames and passwords:
  • create an account
  • validate account creation by email
  • manage forgotten passwords
  • change password
  • delete or temporarily block an account
  • ...
End users can receive their login credentials, or be authorized to create their account.
You can restrict the account creation process only to certain contacts: in that case, the administrator must specify the users' email addresses or domain names.
Users authenticate via the User Groupware, which allows you to set permissions.
MDM for WINDEV Mobile: Application updates
You can fully manage your application updates: download over Wi-Fi only, minimum OS version required, notification on the device or message in the application, ...
PCSCloud.net offers a special bundle to use an MDM server without having to worry about infrastructure and administration: you only define usage levels.
Transition to mobile devices made easier
Transforming your existing WINDEV applications (or parts of applications) into iOS and Android applications is easier than ever before.
The new environment with split view allows you to edit a Desktop window and a Mobile window at the same time, which makes everything easier.
The conversion wizard has been improved and is even more precise.
2 new skin templates for mobile devices
WINDEV Mobile 27 includes the Suki and Winki skin templates: use them as you like to customize your apps!
Common new features for mobile
iOS development has never been as powerful as with WINDEV Mobile 26. You benefit from powerful new features that come in addition to all the existing ones.
iOS evolves, and so does WINDEV Mobile 26.
WINDEV Mobile 26 for iOS benefits from the general common features of version 26, plus new features common to mobile devices: Smart controls, OCR, animations, non-blocking input, hardware selection for tests, auto-sizing text, Map control , ...
And in addition to the general common new features and new features specific to mobile devices, version 26 offers the following new features for iOS.

iOS 14, new iPhone
WINDEV Mobile 26 supports the new iOS 14.
Note that iOS 14 requires at least an iPhone 6S to run.
In the case of iPads, applications run on all models since the release of the 1st-generation iPad Air (2013).
iOS 14: Home screen widget
iOS14 allows you to use Widgets on the iPhone and iPad Home Screen.
Apple supports 3 Widget sizes.
WINDEV Mobile 26 allows you to create and manage these 3 types of Widgets.
iOS14: Back button & navigation menu
In iOS 14, a long press on the Back button opens the navigation history, and allows the user to return to previous windows.
In version 26, you don't have to write any particular code to benefit from this feature.
Run WINDEV Mobile 26 applications on Macs with ARM processors
WINDEV Mobile 26 allows you to create applications to be run on Mac, using the Mac Catalyst platform.
Macs with X86 and SILICON (ARM) processors are supported.
Open apps from the bottom of the screen
In version 26, an option in the 7-tab window now allows opening apps from the bottom of the screen ("Sheet" mode).
In this case, the app will remain in a "cascading" view: it doesn't completely cover the window underneath.
Apple Watch series 6 and SE

Both the Apple Watch Series 6 and SE are supported.
103 new WLanguage functions are available for Apple Watch.
View the Home bar (iPhone X and above)
Starting with the iPhone X, a horizontal Home bar is displayed at the bottom of the screen (there is no longer a physical Home button).
This bar can now be viewed in the window editor and in the simulator.
Write NFC
WINDEV Mobile 26 allows writing NFC tags with iOS devices.
For example, this allows iPhones to write to NFC tags.
User Groupware: Now supports "Sign In with Apple"
You can now sign in to the User Groupware using "Sign in with Apple".
There is nothing to code. Everything is automatic, once authorized by the GPU administrator (in the administration site)!

8 new properties
8 new properties for iOS are available in WLanguage

Common new features for mobile
Development for Android has never been as powerful as with WINDEV Mobile 26.
You benefit from powerful new features that come in addition to all the existing ones: Smart controls, OCR, animations, non-blocking required input fields, hardware selection for tests, auto-sizing text, Map control , ... .
Android evolves, and so does WINDEV Mobile 26, most notably with its support for Android 11 .
WINDEV Mobile 26 for Android benefits from the common new features of version 26, plus mobile-specific new features, plus Android-specific new features.
Disable screenshots

Version 26 allows you to prevent the user from taking screenshots.
This is a useful feature for applications that contain sensitive data, such as banking applications.
A new option in the 7-tab window allows you to disable screenshots.
The new .ScreenshotAllowed=False property allows you to disable screenshots through programming, if necessary.
New trend in Action Bars: 56 pixels instead of 48 (and that changes everything!)
In Android, Action Bars can have 2 heights: 48 or 56 pixels.
In version 26, you can choose the height of the action bar.
The current trend is to use Action Bars with a height of 56 pixels...
Phone (and Tablet) Control Center
Do you know where to find your application log files?
You may need to record a video of a running app on your phone, etc...
The Android Control Center helps you with these tasks, and much more.
Mobile Control Center: Useful features
The Android Control Center allows you to easily manage your Android devices during the development phase.
These are some of the functionalities you will find in the Android Control Center:
  • View general information of the device: version, resolution, density, dpi, processor, etc.
  • View system logs (logcat)
  • View the debug trace for WINDEV Mobile applications: trace, assert, error
  • Screenshot
  • Record videos of running apps
  • Manage applications in the device: list, search, app info, install, uninstall, switch to device owner mode
  • Intuitive and responsive file explorer
  • ...
Components for Zebra devices
WINDEV Mobile 26 integrates two new components for Zebra industrial devices.
The RFID component allows you to control RFID readers from your applications.
The MX (Mobility Extensions) component allows access to additional Android functionalities: control of device settings and installed applications, Wi-Fi configuration, ...
Java: Incorporate Java classes into your project
You may need a Java class in a WINDEV Mobile Android project, for example to manage an SDK.
In WINDEV Mobile 27, one or more Java classes can be incorporated directly into the project.
Reminder: it was already possible to write Java code directly in the WINDEV Mobile code editor. This new feature incorporates a whole class into the project, which significantly simplifies this operation.
Java: Directly call WLanguage procedures
In version 26, you can easily call WLanguage procedures from Java code .
Simply add the <java> attribute to the corresponding procedure.
You can then call this WLanguage procedure by its name directly from the Java code.
PROCEDURE UpdateForm() <Java>
Hashing: 8 new hash types available for Android
SHA-1 and MD5 hash types were already supported.
In version 26, the following types are also available for Android:
  • DJB2 (Bernstein)
  • MD4
  • SHA-3
WLanguage: Compare strings in Android
All string comparison operators are now available for Android.
New operators supported:
  • Very flexible equality ~~
  • Starts with flexible [~
  • Starts with very flexible [~~
  • Ends with =]
  • Ends with flexible ~]
  • Ends with very flexible ~~]
  • Contains [=]
  • Contains flexible [~]
  • Contains very flexible [~~]
Overloaded procedures
A procedure can have different syntaxes: different number and type of parameters.
This type of procedure is now supported for Android.
Type inference
In version 26, type inference is supported for Android.
Code is more concise and easier to write.
Thread in the background: Disable battery optimization
The latest versions of Android optimize battery consumption by preventing applications form running in the background.
This may be inconvenient.
In version 26, the new SysBatteryOptimBackground function allows you to disable battery optimization in order to keep the application running in the background.
Android will simply request end-user confirmation.
MVP, 3 new attributes: Mapping, Associated, Presenter
In MVP, the Mapping, Associated and Presenter attributes are now available for Android.
All MVP attributes are now cross-platform!
Toast type available in Android
The Toast type is now available for Android.
For example, it allows you to create "Snackbars" (toasts messages with a button).
Debugger available on the Google emulator (and others)
In version 26, you can debug the code of your projects using the emulator provided by Google.
This makes it easier to perform tests on different devices.
  • The HTrack is available for Android. This function notifies the application when a change is made to the database.
  • JSON functions in HFSQL are available for Android: HImportJSON, ...
Common new features
UWP development benefits from most of the common new features of version 26.
New environment
UWP development also benefits from the new development environment of version 26.
Minimum version required
  • Version 26
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