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Benefit from the 160 common new features of version 25 in WINDEV
WINDEV benefits from the 160 common new features of version 25, and in particular from Smart controls, WINDEV Mobile in WINDEV environment, management of PDF files, management of YAML, GITHub, project portfolios, creation of SCM branches on several projects, new features in the code editor, OOP, HFSQL Spare servers, telemetry new features, etc.
43 Smart controls for WINDEV
The new Smart control concept allows implementing sophisticated operations with one click in WINDEV (see new features 001 to 006).
A Smart control offers both:
  • an interface (UI).
  • behaviors (WLanguage code).
Each Smart control makes you optimize programming and the Design phase.
The Smart control is ready to use and offers a complete functionalities that you might not have had time to code; or that you might not have known.
Everything can be modified and customized.
Once the Smart control is inserted in your window, it adapts to the current skin template.
43 Smart controls are provided with WINDEV 25:
  • Menu with drawers,
  • Progress Bar button,
  • Numerous Looper control templates,
  • Diagram,
  • Workflow,
  • Password strength,
  • Login,
  • Different forms,
  • Galleries,
  • Clock,
  • Various sophisticated table templates,
  • Dashboard,
  • Receipt,
  • Timeline,
  • Weather,
  • Progress bars,
  • Ribbon,
  • Scheduler,
  • Postal Code (France) / City input,
  • International phone number input,
  • Different Radio Button templates,
  • Date and date range entry,
  • ...
Zip Code mask for numerous countries
Zip codes of many countries are now supported by the "Zip Code" input mask:
  • European countries.
  • United States.
  • Canada.
  • China.
  • etc.
Implementing this new feature is easy thanks to the "Zip Code" Smart control, which includes the code necessary for the processes. See new feature 167.
Telephone mask for numerous countries
The Phone input mask can now be configured by country.
The new MaskCountryToPhoneNumber WLanguage function allows you to specify the country.
List of country codes, and number format according to the country's standard
List of country codes, and number format according to the country's standard
Static control : font size reduced automatically if content too long
A Static control can have dynamic content, assigned by programming.
In some cases, the content may be too long and is truncated.
The "ellipse" option already displays "..." at the end of the content to warn the end user that the text is truncated.
In version 25, when the text is too long, the new "reduction" option automatically reduces the font size so that the entire text fits the control.
You can set the minimum font size.
At runtime: At the top, with
At runtime:
At the top, with "ellipse": the content is truncated
At the bottom, with "reduction": the font size has been automatically reduced, the entire content is displayed
New programming process : closing child windows
A new process is introduced in version 25: closing child windows.
This process already existed in WINDEV Mobile, which makes code sharing easier.
2 new skin templates for WINDEV
The Phoenix and Ankaa skin templates are introduced in version 25.
This offers you new possibilities for customization.
New caption style : text with outline
Static controls can now use fonts with outlines.
This type of style allows for better visibility when the text is displayed on an image with various colors (avoid "tone-on-tone" parts that are not visible).
In this example, without black outline, the text on white background would have been unreadable
In this example, without black outline, the text on white background would have been unreadable
Other new features of controls
The Table control is one of the most powerful and widely used controls in WINDEV applications.
In version 25, the Table control improves yet again
Table control : style by column
In version 25, each table column can benefit from an independent style.
This allows you to customize the aspect of Table controls even further.
Custom title, font and column background
Custom title, font and column background
New programming element : click on column header
The new "Click on column header" event allows you to define a custom process (no sort or search, which are proposed by default) on the table column.
WINDEV proposes several levels of help for your applications:
  • general help of the application (HTML or PDF) launched by pressing F1.
  • automatic display of a tooltip when hovering over an element.
  • text displayed in the message bar (for compatibility); this is more of an information message than a help message.
  • IBR picto: a pictogram appears next to the controls that offer contextual help based on Business Rules.
This helps keeps improving in version 25.
"IBR picto" : public text, private text
Differentiated input of public and private text
Differentiated input of public and private text
The IBR picto automatically displays the content of a Business Rule.
In version 25, you can create Business Rules where only part of the text, the "public" part, will be displayed in the tooltip.
Help editor : spelling checker
The help editor now features a spelling checker.
Help editor : edit integrated images
The help editor now allows you to edit images without leaving the editor.
This makes it possible to easily add an arrow in a screenshot to point to an important control or to indicate the button to click.
Common new features
WINDEV's environment benefits from common new features (see new features 028 to 033).
One particularly useful new feature in large WINDEV projects is internal components that now include the resources they need in order to run.
These resources (webservices, assemblies, XML, JSON, YAML, etc.) are isolated and encapsulated.
Smart magnetism
The window editor benefits from smart magnetism in WINDEV 25. (See new feature 020).
Various new features
In WINDEV, in addition to the common new features, the window editor has 2 practical features:
  • when editing styles, the color selection combo box also displays the RGB code of the selected color.
  • 4K mode is even better.
Frozen application : generate debug dump (for analysis in the debugger)
Frozen applications are not unheard of.
In version 25, you can request a debug dump on a frozen application!
Simply ask the end user to launch WDDebug, which is installed with the application.
There is nothing particular to enable in the application, this feature is enabled in all applications compiled in version 25.
WDDebug allows to generate a dump of frozen (and also non-frozen) applications.
This dump must be sent to the developer.
When opening this dump in WINDEV, with the project loaded, the code currently running appears, and the debugger allows you to analyze the thread stacks, as well as the content of the variables, among other elements.
This generally helps to understand why the application froze: infinite loop, abnormally slow processing (statistics over 20 years...), timeout too long, etc.
Remote debugging on request : webservices, stored procedures, application...
The designer of an application may allow it to connect to the development computer for debugging.
The new dbgConnect WLanguage function allows the application to connect to the development environment (on developer request).
Remote debugging becomes much easier.
dbgConnect can be enabled in WINDEV applications, but also in stored procedures, Webservices, on Windows and Linux, iOS, etc.
Start applications on startup (when opening session)
In version 25, you can request that an application be launched automatically as soon as the user starts their PC.
A new option appears in the setup wizard (and editor).
Pivot Table control (PVT) The user can add percentages
On a PVT, the end user can view "difference" columns and add "percentage" columns.
The PVT now calculates percentages directly
The PVT now calculates percentages directly
In a PVT, the user can view time periods with a total of zero
By default, rows with a total of Zero are not displayed in a PVT, so as not to overload it.
When comparing different PVTs by exporting their results, an identical basis of comparison is necessary so that all rows are displayed.
AAF : reminder toast
AAFs provide a phenomenal help for end users without asking more resources from development teams.
With AAFs, end users are much more efficient in performing their tasks.
A non-intrusive message appears on end users' screens about once a month to remind them of the AAFs included in your applications.
This feature can be disabled.
FAA : TreeView
In a TreeView control, the Shift + Click combination expands the branch and its sub-branches.
Prefixed syntax available on non-type parameters
In version 25, prefixed programming syntax is also available on non-type parameters.
Independent HFSQL contexts
Independent HFSQL contexts are now managed in windows, internal windows and classes.
4 new WLanguage functions
WLanguage offers 4 new functions for Java.
Automatic management of errors
In version 25, automatic management of fatal and non-fatal errors is supported in Linux.
Series function family (USB)
Serial functions are now available in WINDEV Linux.
This function family allows you to manage USB devices.
ssh function family
SSH functions, which allow executing Shell commands, are now available in WINDEV Linux.
Management of interface inheritance
Derived interfaces are managed when using .Net assemblies.
Common new features
The language is the cornerstone of the development.
WLanguage is enriched in WINDEV version 25.
It benefits from common new features and numerous useful improvements: extension of prefixed syntax, new syntaxes, visualization of HTTP request flow, certificate in the WDL library, OAuth and OpenID library, etc.
See new features 090 to 128.
New Mask type
The new InputMask type allows you to create your own advanced masks by programming.
The InputMask type contains Procedure properties to describe behaviors of the mask.
Created masks are applied to selected edit controls.
  • a procedure is called for each character entered to indicate if character is accepted.
  • a procedure replaces a character entered by another character.
  • add a hyphen after entering the 3rd character and move the cursor to the 5th character.
  • ...
Several new functions are introduced:
  • MaskFormat formats a string passed as parameter.
  • MaskZipCode retrieves the postal code input mask adapted to a given country.
  • MaskPhoneNumber retrieves the phone number input mask adapted to a given country.
Toast : new type
In version 25, the new Toast type is introduced.
This type allows you to customize toasts by programming, adding one or more buttons.
The appearance of the buttons adapts to the skin template.
Tip is Toast
Tip..Title = "Quick export: Save time"
Tip..Text =
You can export all the statistics in one
single operation
This is done from the "Consolidated
statistics" pane
Tip..Button[1]..Caption = "Learn more"
Tip..Button[1]..ActionClick = ProccessClickLearnMore
Tip..Button[2]..Caption = "Do not show again"
Tip..Button[2]..ActionClick = ProcessClickDoNotShowAgain
ToastDisplay (Tip)
Toast with buttons (blue)
Toast with buttons (blue)
For a toast, you can configure:
  • color,
  • opacity,
  • display duration.
Toast : graphic customization
You can customize a toast using an internal window.
This internal window will be the toast.
Example of the new type of toasts you can display in your applications in version 25
Example of the new type of toasts you can display in your applications in version 25
Toast : miscellaneous
When there are consecutive requests to display toasts, each toast appears only after the previous toast has disappeared.
AAF : disable, re-enable AAFs
It was already possible to disable AAFs by programming (AAFDisable).
In version 25, you can re-enable AAFs by programming, using AAFEnable.
This makes it easier to disable them in a part of the application.
308 new syntaxes in prefixed input
Prefixed syntax, which became very popular, is now supported by a very large number of additional functions in HFSQL and other domains.
For example:
Reading and developing code is made even easier.
See the list of supported new syntaxes on the opposite page.
39 new constants
39 new constants are available in WLanguage in version 25:
9 new types
2 new properties
2 new WLanguage properties are available for WINDEV.
FormattingMarksColorChanges the color of formatting marks.
ReducedReturns or modifies the collapsed/expanded state of a Dockable Panel control.
54 new WLanguage functions for WINDEV
ReduceApplies a computation to each element of an array.
ApplyExecutes a procedure for each element of an array.
StringToJSONConverts a string in JSON format into a Variant variable.
CloneClones an object.
EncryptGenerateRSAKeyGenerates an RSA private/public key pair.
DateToDayOfWeekReturns the day of the week corresponding to a given date.
dbgConnectConnects an application to the debugger.
InDeviceOwnerModeIndicates if the application is "device owner".
InKioskModeIndicates whether the Android application is in kiosk mode.
EventExistIndicates whether a specific procedure is run when a Windows event is sent to a control or window.
ExtractStringBetweenExtracts a string between two given separators.
AAFEnableRe-enables an Automatic Application Feature (AAF) previously disabled by AAFDisable.
fContentTypeAllows you to know if a file on disk is a recognized image format.
FilterReturns an array containing the elements of a source array for which a procedure returns True.
fDirRenameRenames a directory.
FTPGetFileRetrieves a file from an FTP/SFTP server.
GalleryDisplayPopupDisplays the automatic zoom popup for the Image Gallery control.
GalleryClosePopupCloses the automatic zoom popup for the Image Gallery control.
gpwAddUserToGroupAdds a user to a group.
gpwRemoteConnectAllows connecting to the application via the user groupware Webservice.
gpwListOAuthParametersLists the providers (Google, Facebook, etc.) to which it is possible to connect via the user groupware.
gpwResetPasswordAllows you to send a password reset email.
gpwBiometricAuthenticationEnables biometric authentication for the connected user or retrieves the current status for the connected user.
HUpdateLinkUpdates links of an HFSQL Client/Server file on the server.
iInitInternalReportInitializes the parameters of an internal report.
iParameterViewerConfigures the report viewer.
JSONToStringConverts the content of a JSON variable to a JSON string.
MaskZipCodeReturns the zip code mask according to the country ISO code.
MaskRemoveFormatRemoves the format specified for a string.
MaskFormatFormats a string according to a mask.
MaskPhoneNumberReturns the phone number mask according to the country ISO code.
MaskVerifyIndicates whether a string is valid according to a specific mask.
PDFSaveSaves a PDF document.
PicMergeLayerMerges the layers of an image displayed in the Image Editor control.
PicResizeResizes an image displayed in the Image Editor control.
PicRotationRotates an image displayed in the Image Editor control.
SaaSAdminListVisitReturns the list of visits to a SaaS site.
TableCollapseExpandCollapses or expands an element in a Table or TreeView Table control.
SpreadsheetListCommentEnumerates all comments on the current worksheet of a Spreadsheet control.
TelemetrySendDataForce the sending of telemetry data.
ToastDisplayIWOpens a toast whose content is based on an internal window.
ToastDisplayPopupDisplays a popup page during a given duration in order to display a "Toast" message.
MapBuilds an array containing the results of a procedure run for each element of a source array.
CheckAllFalseReturns True if all the elements of an array are False.
CheckAllTrueReturns True if all the elements of an array are True.
CheckAnyFalseReturns True if at least one element of an array is False.
CheckAnyTrueReturns True if at least one element of an array is True.
Minimum version required
  • Version 25
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