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Stored procedures
SaaSReadSiteParameter (Function)
In french: SaaSLitParamètreSite
Reads an information specific to the client for the current SaaS site.
// Use a parameter to customize the logo of the site
IMG_LogoImage = SaaSReadSiteParameter("logo")
<Result> = SaaSReadSiteParameter(<Parameter to Read> [, <Options>])
<Result>: Character string
Parameter value.
If the value was not customized by the client via SaaSWriteSiteParameter, the value returned corresponds to the default value given by the administrator of the SaaS system.
Caution: The function triggers a non-fatal error if the site parameter does not exist.
<Parameter to Read>: Character string
Name of the sought parameter.
<Options>: Integer constant
Option to take into account:
saasNoCacheForces the value to be read on the SaaS server. The value found in the cache is not read nor updated.
saasReinitCacheReinitializes the entire cache, then the value is read on the SaaS server and the cache is automatically updated.
(Default value)
The value is read from the cache. If this value does not exist in the cache, it is read on the SaaS server and the cache is automatically updated.
  • The parameters of a site are defined by the administrator of the SaaS system when configuring the site in the SaaS administrator. They can have default values.
  • Any user of the site can read the parameters. Only the "Administrator" users can modify them.
  • The parameters of the site are intended to allow the customization of the UI or behavior of the SaaS sites. For more details on how to use them, see Developing a SaaS site.
Component: wd280com.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 15
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