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Stored procedures
Reports & Queries: Unsupported WLanguage functions
Some WLanguage functions are not available in Reports & Queries. These functions are as follows:
HAddAdds the record found in memory into the data file (query or view).
HAddGroupAdds a group of users (HFSQL Client/Server connection)
HAddLinkAdds an integrity rule between two files on the server.
HAddUserAdds a user (HFSQL Client/Server connection)
HChangeLogDirModifies the location of the log files corresponding to an HFSQL file. (*JNL file and JournalOperation and JournalIdentification files if they exist).
HCopyFileCopies an HFSQL file from the client to the server and vice versa
HCreationCreates an empty data file (.FIC extension) with the index file and the memo file if necessary.
HCreationIfNotFoundThe following operations are performed by HCreationIfNotFound:
  • If the file does not exist, creates an empty data file (".FIC" file) with the index file and the memo file if necessary.
    The function is equivalent to HCreation.
  • If the file exists, opens the file.
    In this case, the function is equivalent to HOpen.
    To optimize the call to HCreationIfNotFound, the file opening can also be performed during the first access to the file.
HCrossCrosses a file record. The record is deleted logically and it can be retrieved if necessary.
HDBCreationEnds the dynamic description of the file structure. The file that was just described is created on the disk in the path specified in HDBDescribeFile. The data, memo and index files are created on disk.
HDeleteDeletes a record from a file (from a query or from a view).
HDeleteDatabaseDeletes a database located on an HFSQL server. All the connections that use the deleted database are closed.
HDeleteFileDeletes the HFSQL files (.fic, .ndx and .mmo files if they exist) from the server.
HDeleteGroupDeletes (from the server) a group of users associated with a connection.
HDeleteLinkDeletes an integrity rule between two files on the server.
HDeleteUserDeletes (from the server) a user associated with a connection.
HFreeTransforms the crossed records (HCross) into deleted records. The space occupied by the crossed records is freed and it can be re-used during the next additions (HAdd).
HImportHF55Imports a Hyper File 5.5 file into an HFSQL Classic file.
HImportTextImports a text file into a file in HFSQL Classic format.
HImportXMLImports an XML file into a file in HFSQL Classic format.
HMigrateLinkedCompositeKeyMigrates the values of the linked composite keys coming from a file in Hyper File 5.5 format to the HFSQL Classic format.
HModifyModifies the specified record or the record found in memory in the data file (query or view).
HModifyDatabasePropertyModifies the properties of a database located on an HFSQL server.
HModifyDatabaseRightsModifies the rights granted to a user or to a group for a HFSQL Client/Server database.
HModifyFilePropertyModifies the properties of an HFSQL file located on a server.
HModifyFileRightsModifies the rights granted to a user or group on an HFSQL Client/Server data file.
HModifyGroupModifies the information of the specified group according to the information of the structure.
HModifyServerPropertyModifies the properties of an HFSQL server.
HModifyServerRightsModifies the rights granted to a user or to a group on a HFSQL server.
HModifyUserModifies the user information according to the structure information.
HRegenerateFileRegenerates a file from its log.
HStopServerStops an HFSQL server. To perform this action, the user must have sufficient rights on the server.
HViewToFileSaves the modifications made to a view (by HDelete, HModify or HCross) in the corresponding file.
HWriteWrites a record into a data file without updating the indexes corresponding to all keys used in the file.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 06/14/2024

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