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Stored procedures
HMigrateLinkedCompositeKey (Function)
In french: HMigreCléComposéeReliée
HFSQL ClassicAvailable only with this kind of connection
Migrates the values of the linked composite keys coming from a file in Hyper File 5.5 format to the HFSQL Classic format.
When should I use this function?
The format of composite keys changed between Hyper File 5.5 and HFSQL Classic (single-user or multi-user).
Consequence: the value of the linked keys corresponding to a composite key is incorrect once the files have been migrated from Hyper File 5.5 to HFSQL Classic. HMigrateLinkedCompositeKey changes the value of the linked keys and retrieves the value of the composite key in the linked key.
Use conditions:
This function must be used:
  • with files in HFSQL Classic format (files in 5.5 format migrated to the Classic format),
  • once for each key to migrate
  • just after the migration from Hyper File 5.5 to HFSQL Classic. If records are added between the migration and the call to HMigrateLinkedCompositeKey, the values of the new records may be corrupted.
// Modify the values of ORDERS.CUSTOMERCOMPKEY
<Result> = HMigrateLinkedCompositeKey(<Link source file> , <Source composite key> , <Linked file> , <Linked key> [, <Progress Bar>])
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the operation was performed,
  • False if a problem occurs. HError returns more details about the problem.
<Link source file>: Character string
Name of the source file for the link, containing the description of the composite key.
<Source composite key>: Character string
Name of the "Composite key" item used in the source file of the link.
<Linked file>: Character string
Name of the linked file containing the value of the composite key to migrate
<Linked key>: Character string
Name of the key item in the linked file. The value of this item must be migrated.
<Progress Bar>: Optional window or control name
Name of Progress Bar control or name of window used to show the migration progress.
Component: wd300hf.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 06/06/2024

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