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  • The available statistics
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Stored procedures
The remote WEBDEV administrator proposes a module for managing the statistics. This module allows you to:
  • import the statistics of a site.
  • view the statistics of one or more sites.
The statistics become available once the log files have been imported. The dashboard displays the following data:
1. Tabs used to access the different types of statistics.
2. Name of the site currently monitored. Select the name of the site to monitor as well as the requested period.
3. Requested statistics. These statistics are displayed in:
  • summary tables.
  • charts. These charts can be customized (rollover of the chart). You have the ability to change the type of chart, to add some legends, to modify the font, ...
The available statistics
The following statistics are proposed:
  • Dashboard:
Dashboard summarizing:
  • the number of visitors.
  • the number of pages viewed.
  • the average number of pages per visitor.
  • the average number of visitors per day.
  • the average number of pages viewed per day.
  • the maximum number of connections
  • the minimum number of connections
  • the date of the last import of log files
  • the time zone of the site
  • the type of site (Classic or AWP)
  • Search networks:
List of keywords used on the search engines to reach the site.
  • Technical data:
List of operating systems used by the Web users and by the browsers.
  • Traffic:
Chart summarizing the number of visits according to different time slots.
  • Geographical view:
Distribution of each visitor according to the country.
Minimum version required
  • Version 16
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