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Stored procedures
The remote WEBDEV administrator proposes a module for managing the statistics. This module is used to:
  • import the statistics of a site.
  • view the statistics about one or more sites.
A specific account dedicated to the management of statistics is required to access this statistical module. This account can be created via the remote administrator. For more details on how to create the account, see Configuring the remote administrator.
How to?

Viewing the statistics of a site

To view the statistics of a site:
  1. Start the remote WEBDEV administrator by typing the following address:


    where <server> represents the address (name or IP address) of WEBDEV Application Server.
  2. To view the statistics, you must authenticate yourself with the username and the password corresponding to the account for viewing statistics.
  3. The site for viewing the statistics appears. A message is displayed if not data is imported.

Importing the statistics of a site

To import the statistics of a site:
  1. Click the "Import" tab of the remote WEBDEV administrator.
  2. In the "Import the logs of a site" section, select:
    • the relevant site.
    • the start date of the import.
  3. Click the "Start the import" button.
    Caution: According to the specified duration, importing the statistics can be quite long.
  • The "Reinitialize" button is used to reinitialize all the statistics of the site.
  • When the import is in progress, it appears in the "Imports in progress" area.
  • When the import is completed, it appears in the "Completed imports" area.
Minimum version required
  • Version 16
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