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Stored procedures
WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile include a monitoring robot. This robot is used to check whether an application or a server operates properly. If the monitored element fails (hardware failure, Internet connection failure, system shutdown, etc.), the robot sends the alerts that have been defined.
The monitoring robot, which is composed of three executables running on different computers, is used to run different tests: Internet test, FTP server test, network test, etc.
The monitoring robot is a set of programs that includes:
  • a monitor to configure and visualize the state of the robot and the different checks.
  • a monitoring robot, which performs periodic checks on the infrastructure or applications.
  • if necessary, a Robot controller that checks the operation of the robot itself.
If a problem occurs during a test, the monitoring robot sends you a message using one of the following methods:
  • Message sent to those indicated in the integrated messaging software (WDBal).
  • Email sent to the specified addresses.
  • Message sent to a specific application.
  • Control screen (visual and/or sound alert).
  • WLanguage procedure.
  • Via a third-party program.
How to install the monitoring robot?
To use the monitoring robot, you must install the different programs of the monitoring robot. The installation package (WX2024PACKROBOT.EXE) is available in the "Install\Robot" subdirectory of the IDE used.
The different modules must be installed in the following order:
  1. Install the monitoring robot. The monitoring robot must be installed on a computer that is never turned off.
  2. Install the counter-robot if necessary. The Robot controller is an additional security tool. It is used to check whether the monitoring robot operates properly.
  3. Install the monitor. The monitor can be installed on several computers. The monitor is used to configure the different tests run by the monitoring robot.
Remark: All three programs must be installed on the same local network or domain.
How to use the monitoring robot?


To use the monitoring robot, the robot must be started (as well as the Robot controller if necessary).
The monitor can be started to manage the tests to run.

Using the monitor

The monitor of the monitoring robot allows you to access the different checks started by the monitoring robot.
It is used to:

RobotComponents component

A component used to manage the monitoring robot is provided with WINDEV. This component is named "RobotComponent".
The component of the monitoring robot allows the application to:
  • signal its activity by writing into a .ini file.
  • browse an error report in XML format supplied by the monitoring robot.
Minimum version required
  • Version 14
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