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Stored procedures
Monitoring robot: Creating a check
The monitor of the monitoring robot is used to create the different checks that must be performed by the monitoring robot.
How to?
The categories are used to classify the checks by theme. Each check is associated with a category.
If a Robot controller was installed, a "Robot controller" category is automatically created. This category contains a test for monitoring the counter-robot.

Create a category

To create a category:
  1. In the menu, go to the "Categories and checks" group, click "Add" and select "Add a category" (or select "Create a category" in the context menu of the table).
    Add a category
  2. In the window that appears, enter the name of the category.
  3. Validate. The new category is displayed in the monitor.

Creating a check

To create a check:
  1. In the menu, go to the "Categories and checks" group, click "Add" and select "Add a check" (or select "Create a check" in the context menu of the table).
    Add a check
  2. The check configuration window appears.
    Check configuration
  3. Specify:
    • the name of the check.
    • the check category.
    • the type of check to be run.
    • If the check depends on another check.
      Remark: If the check depends on another check, the former will only be run if the latter has been completed successfully.
  4. Specify the general parameters of the check.
  5. Specify the specific parameters of the check. These parameters depend on the selected type of check.
  6. The "Test" button runs the test being edited. The test is run from the monitor.
  7. Validez. The test is displayed in the monitor of the monitoring robot.
Minimum version required
  • Version 14
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Last update: 04/12/2024

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