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Stored procedures
OLE functions
GetActiveObjectAllows to use an Automation object already started on the current computer.
OLEActivateEdits an OLE object contained in an OLE control.
OLECopyCopies the object found in an OLE control into the Windows clipboard.
OLECreateCopyAssociates an OLE control with an OLE object while specifying a base file.
OLECreateEmptyAssociates an OLE control with an OLE object by invoking a specific OLE server.
OLELoadInitializes an OLE control with an OLE object.
OLEPastePastes the content of Windows clipboard into an OLE control.
OLEPlayUsed to:
  • retrieve the list of available operations (other than edit) from a server,
  • perform an operation.
OLESaveSaves the object found in an OLE control in binary format.
OLEServerLists the OLE servers registered toward the current system.
Remark: The OLE functions operate with Office 2007.
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Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 01/23/2023

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