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  • Uploading and downloading files by WINDEV FTP or RPC: the rules to follow
  • Other features
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Stored procedures
Uploading and downloading files on Internet (WINDEV FTP and RPC)
Several methods can be used to upload and download files by Internet:
  • The WINDEV FTP or RPC. These protocols require the use of a specific FTP/RPC server powered by WINDEV.
  • The standard FTP. This protocol requires the use of a standard FTP server. For more details, see Communicating with an FTP server.
  • RPC: Remote Procedure Call.
  • FTP: File Transfer Protocol.
Uploading and downloading files by WINDEV FTP or RPC: the rules to follow
To upload and download files, you must comply with the following rules:
  1. Connect to a WINDEV FTP server with NetConnect. This function establishes a connection between WINDEV and the server and it provides a connection identifier.
  2. Upload, download files.
  3. Close the connection to the server with NetDisconnect.
  • The TCP/IP communication protocol must be installed and an IP address must be defined.
  • A WINDEV FTP or RPC server operates in 32-bit mode only.
Other features
You can also:
  • Find out the name and IP address of a computer.
  • Run a program on a WINDEV FTP or RPC server.
  • Trigger a Windows element on the WINDEV FTP or RPC server.
  • Transmit a character string to a WINDEV FTP or RPC server.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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