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Stored procedures
HSetLog (Function)
In french: HGèreJournal
HFSQL ClassicHFSQL Client/ServerAvailable only with these kinds of connection
Enables or disables the log management for a logged data file.
Remark: By default, the log management is enabled for all the data files described as being logged in the analysis description.
// Désactiver la gestion du journal sur le fichier de données Client
HSetLog(Client, False)
<Result> = HSetLog([<Data file>, ] <Activation>)
<Result>: Boolean
Corresponds to the former management mode of log (before the call to HSetLog):
  • True if the log management was enabled,
  • False if the log management was disabled.
<Data file>: Optional character string
Name of the data file used.
If this parameter is not specified or if it is equal to "*", the new management is applied to all the data files described ad being logged in the analysis.
<Activation>: Boolean
  • True if the log management is enabled,
  • False if this management must be disabled.
If only this parameter is specified, the management mode is applied to all data files.

Journal management

The operations performed on the data file after a call to HSetLog (False) will not be logged: no "UNDO" can be performed on these functions.
  • If the log management must be disabled, we advise you to disable it permanently.
    Indeed, when the log management is re-enabled on a data file, the log will assume that the data file has not changed since the last logged operation. Otherwise, the log may not be synchronized with the content of the data file and therefore it may be useless.
  • Do not disable the log management if the read operations are logged for the data file.
    When logging a read operation, the records found BEFORE and AFTER the operations are automatically saved.
    When logging a read operation, the record already saved is not compared to the record read. Therefore, the backup of the record read can differ from the value actually read if the record was modified while the log management was disabled.
Caution: If the name of the data file corresponds to "JournalOperation" or "JournalIdentification", the log process for the operations performed in these logs is stopped and the data files are closed. However, the log process will continue in the "files for record backup".


  • The xBase files cannot be logged.
  • The call to this function on a data file not defined as being logged in the analysis has no effect.
  • Use: if an analysis is described as using logged data files, the programs manage the logs. By defining in a parameter file (managed in the program) a parameter specifying to use of logs or not, it will be possible to specify during a setup at the client site whether the data files will be logged or not, without having to recompile the programs.
  • To permanently disable the log process, you must:
    • delete the management of logs from the analysis.
    • generate the analysis.
    • perform an automatic application update.
Component: wd280hf.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 06/22/2023

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