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Stored procedures
The log process
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What is a log?

A log is a special file that contains the history of all changes made to one or more data files over a given period of time (date the file was created, last automatic data modification, last backup created with WDLog, etc.).
The log contains the history of the data files, that is:
  • The full backup before it is used or modified by the user,
  • The full backup once it has been used or modified by the user,
  • The author of the operation or modification,
  • The date of the operation or modification,
  • The nature of the performed operation (addition, modification, deletion, read operation).
The log can be handled by WDLog. The following operations can be performed from a log:
  • Restore the content of a logged data file if the data file is lost or destroyed
  • Restore the content of a logged data file up to a given date
  • Find the author, the date and time of an operation performed on a specific record
  • Keep the history of the file use (to calculate statistics for instance)
  • The last backup was done a month ago. You made a mistake when using the file. The log enables you to retrieve your data, without loosing the data from the last month of work!
  • A user entered the orders of last week instead of the orders of this week during the entire morning. To avoid losing a large amount of data, we advise you to restore all the analysis files to their previous status (yesterday evening).
    The operation is straightforward. The person in charge of maintenance will restore the data files that were previously saved by WDLog. Via the log, WDLog can rebuild the files, operation by operation, from the last backup up to the chosen time.
Remark: The log process is available in HFSQL Classic mode and in HFSQL Client/Server mode.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 09/05/2023

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