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  • Tip: Re-enabling a set of options
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Stored procedures
Enables a menu option (popup menu or drop-down menu). The specified menu option can be selected. This function re-enables a menu option grayed out with MenuSelectMinus.
// Re-enable the "OPT_IconBar" option in
// the drop-down menu ("Menu") of the current window
// Re-enables the "OPT_IconBar" option in the "Menu" of the "WIN_Win1" window
// The WIN_Win1 window is not the current window
MenuSelectPlus(WIN_Win1, OPT_IconBar)
// Re-enables the "OPT_IconBar" option in "PopupMenu1"
MenuSelectPlus(WIN_Win1, PopupMenu1.OPT_IconBar)
MenuSelectPlus([<Window name>, ] <Name of the menu option>)
<Window name>: Optional character string
Name of the window containing the menu option to enable.
If this parameter is not specified, MenuSelectPlus will handle the current window.
<Name of the menu option>: Character string
Name of the menu option to enable. This name is defined in the description window of the menu option. This name must be specified without quotes.
If this parameter corresponds to a name of a menu, all the sub-options of this menu will also be enabled (recursive). To re-enable an option in a popup menu, use the following notation: <Name of popup menu>.<Option name>.

Tip: Re-enabling a set of options

To enable a set of options, you must:
  1. Assign the options to a group of controls.
  2. Re-enable the options (and the other controls in the group) by setting the State property to active and applying it to the group of controls.
Component: wd290obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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