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Stored procedures
Returns the two low bytes of an integer.
Res is int
Res = 0x000A001F
Trace(HiWord(Res)) // Display 10 (corresponds to 0x000A)
Trace(LoWord(Res)) // Display 31 (corresponds to 0x001F)
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Res is int = CursorPos(cpClient)
IF Res <> -1 THEN
Message("Position X = " + LoWord(Res) + "Position Y = " + HiWord(Res))
<Result> = LoWord(<Value> [, <Size>])
<Result>: Unsigned 2-byte integer
The two low bytes.
<Value>: Integer
Value whose low bytes are sought.
If this value is a numeric other than an integer, this value is automatically converted into an integer.
An error will occur if this value is a character string.
<Size>: Optional integer
Size of the integer:
  • 1 for an integer on 1 byte,
  • 2 for an integer on 2 bytes,
  • 4 for an integer on 4 bytes.
WEBDEV - Browser codeAndroidAndroid Widget This parameter is not available.
  • The & operator is used to find out the address of a variable.
  • LoWord can be used to retrieve the low bytes of an integer returned by API or CallDLL32.
  • HiWord is used to retrieve the two high bytes of an integer.
  • To build a 4-byte integer from a 2-byte integer, use MakeInteger.
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Business / UI classification: Neutral code
Component: wd290mat.dll
Minimum version required
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