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Stored procedures
From version 24, this feature is no longer available.
Windows Vista allows you to install "Gadgets" on the desktop. These gadgets are actually HTML pages, which can be easily created with WEBDEV.
WEBDEV allows you to create Vista gadgets from static sites or from AWP sites.
A Vista gadget can contain three types of pages. These three types of pages must respect specific dimensions:
  • Main page: This page will be displayed in the gadget pane.
    The width of this page must be included between 25 and 130 pixels, and its minimum height must be equal to 60 pixels.
  • Configuration page: This page is optional. This page is used to configure the gadget and it is opened via a special icon. This page automatically contains 2 buttons: "OK" and "Cancel".
    The width of this page must be equal to 278 pixels.
  • Flyout page: Free pages that can be opened from the main page (via a button, a link, ...).
    The maximum size for this type of page is equal to 400 pixels in height and in width.
WEBDEV allows you to create these three types of pages and to generate the ".gadget" file. This file can be supplied to the users of the gadget so that it can be installed on their computer (gadgets that can be downloaded from a site for example).
Remark: The characteristics of the three types of pages are presented in Programming the Vista gadgets.
Creating the gadget

Creating a Vista gadget

To create a Vista gadget:
  1. Open or create a WEBDEV project.
  2. Create the pages of your Vista gadget. These pages can be static pages or dynamic AWP pages.
  3. In the description of the gadget pages ("General" tab):
    • In the "Target platform" option, specify the page type in the gadget:
      • Vista Gadget - Main Page
      • Vista Gadget - Configuration Page
      • Vista Gadget - FlyOut Page
    • The "Screen size" is automatically updated with the possible values according to the specified type.
      To view the size of pages in the editor, on the "Display" pane, in the "Help for edit" group, check "Browser size" (Ctrl + M).
  4. Program the operating mode of your pages. "Vista Gadget" pages offer specific events depending on the type of page. See Events associated with "Vista Gadget" pages for more details.
  5. Generate the Vista gadget:
    • Display the project configuration corresponding to the Vista gadget. For example, select this configuration in the project explorer.
    • Click among the quick access buttons (or on the "Project" pane, in the "Generation" group, click "Generate the configuration".


  • We advise you to create a specific project configuration ("Vista gadget" type) to group the pages of your Vista gadget.
  • Limitations
    • The following controls cannot be used in a Vista gadget: TreeView control, Java control, Site Map control, Site Map Path control.
    • The Image control in a looper in generated mode or in database mode (memo) displays no image.

Vista gadget in AWP mode

  • In order for the Vista gadgets in AWP mode to operate, you must use a WEBDEV application server version 120048 or later.
  • The server codes will be run in automatic Ajax mode (if the code exists in Ajax mode).
Deploying the Vista Gadget in AWP mode
Two project configurations must be created:
  • A configuration for the gadget.
  • A configuration for the site containing the AWP pages of Gadget.
To deploy the gadget:
  1. Install the AWP site containing the pages:
    • Generate the setup of the site.
    • Deploy the site on a server that already contains a WEBDEV application server.
  2. Generate the gadget and its setup. When installing the Gadget, specify:
    • the name of the server on which the AWP site was installed
    • the virtual directory where the AWP site was installed.
Generating the gadget
To generate a Vista gadget:
  1. On the "Project" pane, in the "Generation" group, click "Generate the configuration" (or click among the quick access buttons).
    Caution: the current configuration must be the configuration corresponding to the Vista gadget.
  2. Specify the description options of the gadget:

    1Name of the gadget
    2Version of the gadget (in wwww.xxxx.yyyy.zzzz format)
    3Name of the author or company
    4 and 6URL and text of the link
    5Logo of the company
    8Image of the gadget. The rollover image is displayed when the gadget is moved.
    9Description of the gadget.
  3. Select the pages that must be included in the gadget. The main page is automatically selected.
  4. Select the languages of the gadget.
  5. If the Vista gadget uses AWP pages, specify the characteristics of the server (name of the server, virtual directory, ...).
  6. Validate. The gadget is created in the "EXE" sub-directory of the project. The extension of the gadget is ".gadget". If the development computer is running Windows Vista, the gadget can be installed directly and its test can be run.
Minimum version required
  • Version 12
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