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Stored procedures
The following functions are used to handle strings, using prefix syntax:
<Ansi string type>.CompleteReturns a character string of a specified length.
Allows you to check if a substring is within a string.
<Ansi string type>.DeleteDuplicateRemoves duplicates among substrings of a string, based on one or more separators.
New in version 28
<ANSI String type>.Right
Extracts the right part (i.e., the last characters) from a string or buffer.
<ANSI string type>.ToNumReturns the numeric value of a character string. This feature enables you to perform numeric calculations on strings.
<ANSI string>.AnsiToOemConverts an ANSI string (Windows) to an OEM string (DOS).
<Buffer type>.AnsiToUnicodeConverts a buffer containing an ANSI string (Windows) to a buffer containing a UNICODE string.
<JSON variable>.ToStringConverts the content of a JSON variable to a JSON string.
<String type>.AnsiToUnicodeConverts an ANSI string (Windows) to a UNICODE string.
<String type>.BufferToHexaConverts an Ansi or Unicode string to a hexadecimal string (e.g.: "4A 5B 00").
<String type>.CharactTypeCountReturns the number of characters matching a given type.
<String type>.EndsWithChecks whether a character string ends:
  • with a specific character string.
  • with one of the character strings in an array.
<String type>.ExtractStringAllows you to:
  • extract a substring from a string based on a specified string separator.
  • search for substrings in a string based on a specified string separator.
<String type>.FormatFormats a character string according to the selected options.
<String type>.IncrementIncrements a number at the beginning or at the end of a string.
<String type>.InsertInserts a string into another character string at a given position.
<String type>.ReplaceReplaces all occurrences of a specified substring in a string with another specified substring.
<String type>.ReverseReverses the characters of a string.
<String type>.SplitExtracts all the substrings from a character string based on one or more string separators.
<String type>.StartsWithChecks whether a character string starts:
  • with a specific character string.
  • with one of the character strings in an array.
Minimum version required
  • Version 25
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Last update: 06/21/2023

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