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  • Overview of Calculated control
  • Control of a report
  • Creating a calculated control
  • Important: Difference between calculation and calculation on break
  • Notes
  • Specific "Calculated" control: "Currency + Euro"
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Overview of Calculated control

Control of a report

The "Calculated" control is used to perform calculations in a report. These calculations can be made:
  • on an item of the data source.
  • on a control found in the report.
  • through programming.
Creating a calculated control
To create a "Calculated" control:
  1. On the "Creation" tab, in the "Text" group, click "Calculation".
  2. Click the position where the control will be created in the report.
  3. In the Calculated control creation wizard, specify:
    • whether the calculated control counts the records.
    • whether the calculated control performs a calculation on an item or control. In this case, select the type of calculation (sum, average, ...) and the source for calculation (control name or item name).
    • whether the calculated control displays a calculation performed through programming. In the list, select the mask to use.
This information can be modified in the description window of the control ("Description" from the popup menu).

Important: Difference between calculation and calculation on break

In the calculations on break, the control is re-initialized after each break.

Specific "Calculated" control: "Currency + Euro"

For a "Currency + Euro" Calculated control, you have the ability to manage:
  • the stored currency: currency of data found in the data source of report. If the control is handled through programming, the currency used for the value will be the stored currency.
  • the displayed currency: currency used to display the value in the report. This currency can differ from the stored currency. The conversion is automatically performed.
  • the dual display: two "Currency + Euro" controls can be bound. The value displayed in the base control is automatically converted in the tracker control.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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