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  • Properties specific to the description of MapPolyline variables
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Stored procedures
The MapPolyline type is used to define the characteristics of a line composed of several segments to be drawn on the map displayed in a Map control. The characteristics of this row can be defined and modified using different WLanguage properties.
Remark: For more details on the declaration of this type of variable and the use of WLanguage properties, see Declaring a variable.
// Add a line to the Map control
Line is MapPolyline
FOR EACH PointPosition OF arrPositions
Add(Line.Point, PointPosition)
Line.LineColor = LightRed
Line.ActionClick = ClickProc
MapAddShape(MAP_MyMap, Line)
INTERNAL PROCEDURE ClickProc(l is MapPolyline)
ToastDisplay(StringBuild("Click on the <%1> line.", l.Name))

Properties specific to the description of MapPolyline variables

The following properties can be used to handle a line:
Property nameType usedEffect
ActionClickProcedure nameName of the WLanguage procedure called when the user clicks the line displayed in the Map control. This procedure has the following format:
PROCEDURE <Procedure name>(<Line>)
where <Line> is a MapPolyline variable corresponding to the line the user clicked on.
If this property is not specified (or corresponds to an empty string ("")), no action will be performed on click.
Remark: it is recommended to use global procedures. If the procedure is local, its name must be prefixed by the full name of the object to which the procedure belongs (example for a local window procedure: "WIN_Window1.MyProcedure").
WEBDEV - Server codeWEBDEV - Browser code This procedure can be a Browser or Server procedure.
ZOrderIntegerZ-order of the line in relation to the other shapes in the Map control. Allows you to manage overlays.
A shape with a high z-order will be drawn over a shape with a lower z-order.
This property is set to 0 by default.
iPhone/iPad This property is not available.
LineColorColor, integer, Integer constantLine color. This color can correspond to:
DescriptionCharacter stringDescription of the shape, used to store additional information, for example.
ThicknessIntegerLine thickness.
The thickness is set to 2 by default.
  • True to indicate that the drawing of the line must take into account the curvature of the Earth,
  • False (default value) to draw a straight line.
NameCharacter stringName of the shape (here, name of the line). A name is automatically assigned when the variable is created. It can be modified, but it has to be unique if the shape is added to the Map control. This name can be used to delete the line with MapDeleteShape.
DotArray of geoPositionPoints corresponding to the ends of the segments that make up the line.
LineInteger constantLine style used:
  • LineSolid (default value): Solid line.
  • LineDotted: Dots.
  • LineDash: Dashes.
  • LineDotAndDash: Dots and dashes.

WLanguage functions

The following WLanguage functions are used to handle MapPolyline variables:
Versions 26 and later
New in version 26
Adds a new shape (polygon, line, circle) to the map displayed in a Map control.
Versions 26 and later
New in version 26
Deletes a shape drawn on the map displayed in an Map control.
Versions 26 and later
New in version 26
Modifies a shape drawn on the map displayed in a Map control.
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Minimum version required
  • Version 26
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