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Converts an ANSI string (Windows) to a UNICODE string.
  • ANSI is the character set used in Windows.
  • UNICODE is a character encoding standard. UNICODE is used to manage different languages and character sets.
// Code to use in a non-Unicode project
MyUnicodeString is UNICODE string
MyAnsiString is ANSI string
MyAnsiString = "Developing is fantastic"
MyUnicodeString = MyAnsiString.AnsiToUnicode(charsetGreek)

Converting an ANSI character string Hide the details

<Result> = <String to convert>.AnsiToUnicode([<Charset>])
<Result>: UNICODE character string
  • String in UNICODE format.
  • EOT if a conversion problem occurred.
<String to convert>: Character string
ANSI string to convert.
<Charset>: Optional Integer constant
Character set that will be used for the conversion.
charsetAnsiRoman characters in ANSI standard.
charsetArabicArabic characters.
charsetBalticBaltic characters.
charsetChineseChinese characters (People's Republic of China).
(Default value)
Uses the current character set specified with ChangeCharset (charsetOccidental by default).
charsetDefaultUses the computer's default character set. No character set is forced.
charsetEastEuropeEastern European characters (Polish, etc.)
charsetGreekGreek characters.
charsetHebrewHebrew characters.
charsetJapaneseJapanese characters.
charsetKoreanKorean characters
charsetMacMac Roman character set (used in previous versions of Macintosh).
charsetRussianRussian characters.
charsetThaiThai characters.
charsetTraditionalChineseTraditional Chinese characters (Republic of Taiwan).
charsetTurkishTurkish characters.
charsetUTF8Used to manage UTF-8 (used in XML, for example).
charsetVietnameseVietnamese characters.

Conversion result

The result of the conversion is a UNICODE string.. This string can only be handled by variables and functions that support UNICODE.
If you use the wrong format, the conversion will be implicitly performed.
For more details on Unicode, see Managing UNICODE.
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UTF-8 and ANSI conversion

To convert an ANSI string to UTF-8, use StringToUTF8.
To convert a UFT-8 string to ANSI, use:

Conversion in PHP

The conversion in PHP uses the following extensions:
  • the php_iconv.dll extension
  • the php_mbstring.dll extension
If none of these PHP extensions are used, only Latin characters will be converted (e.g., Chinese or Russian characters will not be converted).
The php_iconv.dll and php_mbstring.dll extensions are currently proposed on PHP servers. To find out if your hosting provider offers these extensions, simply enter the following information in a search engine: phpinfo <Hosting provider>.
To install these extensions on your own PHP server, simply uncomment the desired extension in the PHP.INI file.
Component: wd290vm.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 26
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Last update: 06/21/2023

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