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Stored procedures
Inserts a row into a Looper control.
Remark: It is recommended to use <Looper>.InsertLine. Indeed, <Looper>.InsertLine allows you to insert:
  • TAB characters into the attributes/controls.
  • all types of values into the attributes/controls.
WINDEVWINDEV Mobile For the Looper controls without attributes, we recommend that you use <Looper>.InsertLine.
// Initialize the Looper control named LOOP_LOOPER1
WHILE Product.Out() = False
LOOP_LOOPER1.Insert(Product.ProdName + TAB + Product.Code)
// Add values into the Looper control at position 12
LOOP_LOOPER1.Insert(LastName + TAB + FirstName + TAB + PhoneNum + TAB + FaxNum, 12)
<Result> = <Looper control>.Insert(<Value> [, <Index>])
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the addition was successful,
  • False otherwise.
<Looper control>: Control name
Name of the Looper control to be used.
<Value>: Character string
List of values that will be inserted into the new row. This parameter must have the following format:
<Value 1> + TAB + ... + <Value N>

The different values must be specified in the order of the attributes (Looper control description window).
To specify no value for an attribute, use an empty string ("") or 0 (depending on the type of the attribute).
<Index>: Optional integer
Index of the row from which the new row will be inserted.
  • If this parameter is not specified or is equal to -1, the row will be inserted before the current row. If no row is selected, the row will be inserted at the end of the Looper control.
  • If <Index> is greater than the number of rows, the row will be inserted at the last position in the Looper control. In this case, <Looper>.Insert is equivalent to <Looper>.Add.
  • If this parameter is 0, the row will be inserted at the first position in the Looper control.

Use conditions

<Looper>.Insert can be used on:
  • a Looper control based on a data file,
  • a Looper control populated programmatically.
WEBDEV - Browser code This function is not available for Linear Looper controls. This function is available for Looper controls in browser mode only.
WEBDEV - Server codePHP This function is available for Looper controls in Ajax mode, Looper controls in classic mode and Linear Looper controls.
PHP <Looper>.Insert can only be used on a Looper control populated programmatically.

Characteristics of the row

If a value corresponds to the result of a calculation, the numeric expression must be enclosed in brackets. For example:
LOOP_CalculationZone.Insert((53+29) + TAB + (83-21), 12)

Handling a binary memo

To insert a binary memo into a Looper control, use <Looper>.InsertLine.


<Looper>.Insert ignores the sort.
Component: wd290obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 23
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Last update: 06/22/2023

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