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  • Compilation in Xcode on the MAC
  • Transferring the WINDEV Mobile project onto MAC
  • Management of signatures in Xcode 8 and higher
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Stored procedures
When the WINDEV Mobile project for iPhone/iPad is generated on the development computer, the generated files must be transferred onto a Mac in order to be compiled.
For more details, see:
Xcode version to use
The Xcode projects generated by WINDEV Mobile 26 are adapted to Xcode 11.2. This Xcode version must be used to test and deploy applications for iOS.
Caution: the projects generated from WINDEV Mobile 26 can only be used on iOS devices version 11 or later.
Compilation in Xcode on the MAC

Transferring the WINDEV Mobile project onto MAC

To transfer the WINDEV Mobile project to the MAC:
  1. Copy the entire folder generated in the EXE directory to an external media (USB key, external hard disk, shared directory with MAC on network). This directory is named <Project Name>.xcode.gen.
  2. Paste this folder on the MAC that will compile the application.
  3. Open the folder on MAC and open the file named "Project_name.xcodeproj".
  4. The project is opened in Xcode.

Management of signatures in Xcode 8 and higher

The iOS application generation wizard allows you to manage signatures in Xcode.
If you have chosen this option in the generation wizard, Xcode will use the "automatic" signature mode by default when opening the project. The option "Automatically manage signing" is selected.
The "Team" option must be specified before compiling the project in Xcode.
Remark: the "Team" characteristics are specified in the Xcode accounts. The "Provisioning profile" is automatically selected.
You have the ability to choose the "manual" signature mode by unchecking the 'option "Automatically manage signing".
In this case, Xcode asks you to fill the signature characteristics. All you have to do is select the desired "Provisioning profile" for the "Debug" and "Release" modes. These files can be imported if they are not found in Xcode.

Compiling the project in Xcode

WINDEV Mobile automatically generates an Xcode project for your iOS compilations. To simplify the implementation of applications, WINDEV Mobile generates a "Scheme" for Xcode.
To compile the project in Xcode:
  1. Select the compilation options from the drop-down list in the upper-left corner. Select the scheme corresponding to your application then the compilation target (device currently connected or a simulator).
    Apple Watch Application associated with an Apple Watch application: Choose the target combined to Apple Watch ("<device currently connected or simulator> + Apple Watch").
  2. To start the compilation, select "Product .. Clean" then "Product .. Build".
  3. A compilation status appears at the top ("Succeeded", or the number of warnings and errors). You have the ability to click these symbols to see the list of errors/warnings.
  4. Once the program has been compiled without errors, you can start the simulation (select "Product .. Run"). The simulation window appears with the application.
You can then test your application directly on your iPhone or iPad. For more details, see Deploying the application.
  • Caution: Since April 2020, deployment to App Store requires WINDEV Mobile 25.
  • 32-bit and 64-bit generation: iOS applications are generated by default in 32 and 64 bit (imposed by Apple). However, in Xcode in the Apple simulator, applications will ALWAYS run in 32-bit mode.
  • In some cases, a link error may appear in Xcode 11.2. This error corresponds to a problem referenced in Xcode (ongoing request to Apple). You can do the following to get your application:
    • Select "Product .. Clean build folder".
    • Select "Xcode .. Quit Xcode" (do not close Xcode via the "X").
    • Reopen your project in XCode and restart the build.
Minimum version required
  • Version 17
Put an application name, copyright and iOS multilingual launch screen
Before compiling, it is possible to modify it in Xcode to put an application name, copyright and Multilingual launch screen on iOS
see :;tutoriel-mettre-nom-l%92application-copyright-l%92ecran-lancement-multilingue-ios
21 Mar. 2020

Last update: 05/26/2022

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