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Stored procedures
ConstantDescriptionUsed by
saasAdministratorRequired level for connecting: AdministratorSaaSAdminConnect, SaaSAdminIsConnected
saasWithCacheThe value is read from the cache. If this value does not exist in the cache, it is read on the SaaS server and the cache is automatically updated.SaaSReadSiteParameter
saasBaseNoneThe SaaS site uses no database.SaaSAdminConfigureSiteData
saasBaseClientEach client of the SaaS site uses its own database.SaaSAdminConfigureSiteData
saasBaseCommonThe database of the SaaS site is shared among all the clients.SaaSAdminConfigureSiteData
saasUnlimitedDurationSpecifies a SaaS subscription without any end date.saasSubscription
saasOutrightPricingSpecifies a package pricing (without counting the licenses).saasPricing
saasPricingPerUserSpecifies a pricing by user (while counting licenses).saasPricing
saasAccountManagerRequired level for connecting: Senior account manager.SaaSAdminConnect, SaaSAdminIsConnected
saasUnlimitedLicensesSpecifies a SaaS subscription with package pricing.saasSubscription
saasUnlimitedPeriodicitySpecifies a unique pricing.saasPricing
saasNoCacheForces the value to be read on the SaaS server. The value found in the cache is not read nor updated.SaaSReadSiteParameter
saasReinitCacheReinitializes the entire cache, then the value is read on the SaaS server and the cache is automatically updated.SaaSReadSiteParameter
Minimum version required
  • Version 15
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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