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Stored procedures
SaaSAdminConnect (Function)
In french: SaaSAdminConnecte
Connects and authenticates the administrator of the SaaS Webservice.
Remark: SaaSAdminConnect is reserved to:
  • the SaaS administrator (a single administrator, whose username is "admin": this name is reserved).
  • the account managers (at least 1 for each client account)
These two types of administrator can be connected simultaneously:
  • The SaaS administrator is an administrator.
  • The account managers are users with more rights (on the client accounts and their users only).
// Connect to the SaaS database (required to use the management functions)
IF SaaSAdminConnect("admin", "secret") = False THEN
Error("You are not authorized to log in as administrator" + ...
CR + ErrorInfo(errFullDetails))
IF SaaSAdminConnect("admin", "mypassword", ...
"") = False THEN
Error("You are not authorized to log in as administrator" + ...
CR + ErrorInfo(errFullDetails))
<Result> = SaaSAdminConnect(<User> , <Password> [, <Address of SaaS Webservice> [, <Required level>]])
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the connection was established,
  • False otherwise. To get more details on the error, use ErrorInfo.
<User>: Character string
Administrator username of the SaaS system.
Remark: In this version, the administrator account is always the "admin" account.
<Password>: Character string
Password of the administrator of the SaaS system.
The default password is "admin". We strongly recommend that you modify the password of the administrator at the end of setup.
<Address of SaaS Webservice>: Optional character string
  • Name of the server (name or IP address),
  • Full address of the SaaS Webservice.
If this parameter is not specified, the Webservice of the local computer is used.
<Required level>: Optional constant or combination of Integer type optional constants
Required level for connecting:
saasAccountManagerRequired level: Senior account manager.
(default value)
Required level: Administrator.
These two constants can be combined.

Security of the connection

For a secured operating mode, we recommend that you use the HTTPS protocol. The server must be configured to accept this protocol and the SSL certificate used must not trigger any security warning.
To increase the security of the SaaS site, the Webservice can be installed on a computer that is not accessible publicly but only from the Application Server that hosts the SaaS site. Therefore, the requests made to the Webservice cannot be intercepted.

Special cases

  • To use the SaaSAdminxxx functions, a connection must have been successfully established by SaaSAdminConnect.
  • To end a management session, all you have to do is use SaaSAdminDisconnect.
Component: wd300com.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 15
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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