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Stored procedures
Application management functions with "Live update"
The following functions are used to manage "live updates":
AppActivateVersionActivates one of the application versions available in the history of versions on the reference setup server.
AppChangeParameterChanges an information in the mechanism for automatic application update.
AppControlEnables (or disables) the remote control for the current multi-user WINDEV application. This is an advanced function.
AppDeleteVersionDeletes a version from the history of versions found on the reference setup server.
AppDetectUPDAvailableDisables or customizes the automatic check for available updates.
AppInstallUPDTriggers the automatic update of current application.
AppInstallVersionInstalls a specific application version.
AppListVersionLists the versions available on the reference setup server.
AppParameterReturns information about the mechanism for automatic application update.
AppUPDAvailableAllows you to find out whether an update is available for the specified application.
AppVersionInfoReturns information about a version available on the setup server.
Related Examples:
WD RemoteControl Training (WINDEV): WD RemoteControl
[ + ] This example is used to implement the remote control of a WINDEV application.
This control is used to inform the users of the application closing, to prevent new users from connecting and to close the application.
This mode must be reserved to the administrator of the application.
Important: to run the test of this example, it must be deployed as "Setup with network update".
Minimum version required
  • Version 14
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Last update: 06/22/2023

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