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Stored procedures
SocketConnectBluetooth (Function)
In french: SocketConnecteBluetooth
Connects a client computer to a specific Bluetooth socket.
Android In Android, the Bluetooth sockets operate in simplified mode only. The connection is established the first time SocketRead reads information on the server successfully. SocketWait, SocketAccept and SocketDeny are not available for the Bluetooth sockets.
<Result> = SocketConnectBluetooth(<Socket name> , <Service> , <Address> [, <Maximum timeout>])
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the connection was established,
  • False otherwise. If an error occurs, you can get more details on the error with ErrorInfo.
<Socket name>: Character string
Name that will be given to the connection opened on the server socket. This name will be used by all socket functions.
WINDEV Caution: The socket name is case sensitive.
<Service>: Character string
Corresponds to:
  • the name of a known service (see the Notes)
  • the GUID of a service
<Address>: Character string
MAC address of the server.
<Maximum timeout>: Optional integer
Maximum timeout (in milliseconds) for establishing the connection. This timeout will be used if the server refuses the connection (SocketDeny). In this case, the connection will not be locking.
This parameter can be:
  • an integer corresponding to the number of milliseconds,
  • a Duration variable,
  • the duration in a readable format (e.g., 1 s or 10 ms).
This timeout is set to 5000 milliseconds by default (5 seconds).

Name of the known services

The known services are the standard services described in the Bluetooth standard. The names of the accepted services are as follows:
  • ServiceDiscoveryServerServiceClassID_UUID
  • BrowseGroupDescriptorServiceClassID_UUID
  • PublicBrowseGroupServiceClass_UUID
  • SerialPortServiceClass_UUID
  • LANAccessUsingPPPServiceClass_UUID
  • DialupNetworkingServiceClass_UUID
  • IrMCSyncServiceClass_UUID
  • OBEXObjectPushServiceClass_UUID
  • OBEXFileTransferServiceClass_UUID
  • IrMCSyncCommandServiceClass_UUID
  • HeadsetServiceClass_UUID
  • CordlessTelephonyServiceClass_UUID
  • AudioSourceServiceClass_UUID
  • AudioSinkServiceClass_UUID
  • AVRemoteControlTargetServiceClass_UUID
  • AdvancedAudioDistributionServiceClass_UUID
  • AVRemoteControlServiceClass_UUID
  • VideoConferencingServiceClass_UUID
  • IntercomServiceClass_UUID
  • FaxServiceClass_UUID
  • HeadsetAudioGatewayServiceClass_UUID
  • WAPServiceClass_UUID
  • WAPClientServiceClass_UUID
  • PANUServiceClass_UUID
  • NAPServiceClass_UUID
  • GNServiceClass_UUID
  • DirectPrintingServiceClass_UUID
  • ReferencePrintingServiceClass_UUID
  • ImagingServiceClass_UUID
  • ImagingResponderServiceClass_UUID
  • ImagingAutomaticArchiveServiceClass_UUID
  • ImagingReferenceObjectsServiceClass_UUID
  • HandsfreeServiceClass_UUID
  • HandsfreeAudioGatewayServiceClass_UUID
  • DirectPrintingReferenceObjectsServiceClass_UUID
  • ReflectedUIServiceClass_UUID
  • BasicPringingServiceClass_UUID
  • PrintingStatusServiceClass_UUID
  • HumanInterfaceDeviceServiceClass_UUID
  • HardcopyCableReplacementServiceClass_UUID
  • HCRPrintServiceClass_UUID
  • HCRScanServiceClass_UUID
  • CommonISDNAccessServiceClass_UUID
  • VideoConferencingGWServiceClass_UUID
  • UDIMTServiceClass_UUID
  • UDITAServiceClass_UUID
  • AudioVideoServiceClass_UUID
  • PnPInformationServiceClass_UUID
  • GenericNetworkingServiceClass_UUID
  • GenericFileTransferServiceClass_UUID
  • GenericAudioServiceClass_UUID
  • GenericTelephonyServiceClass_UUID
  • ActiveSyncClass_UUID
If you are using another service, its identifier must be specified directly (GUID).


Only the Microsoft Bluetooth stack is supported by this function. For more details, see Which stacks to use?
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Required permissions

The call to this function modifies the permissions required by the application.
Required permission: BLUETOOTH
This permission allows the applications to connect to the Bluetooth services.
Component: wd290com.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 12
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