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  • Use conditions
  • Characteristics of a row
  • Modifications performed in a browsing Table or TreeView Table control
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Stored procedures
Modifies a row in:
  • a Table control,
  • a TreeView Table control,
Remark: It is recommended to use TableModifyLine. TableModifyLine is used to add:
  • TAB characters into the columns,
  • all types of values into the columns.
// Modify the "Paul" and "Moore" elements on the fifth
// row of "TABLE_CustomerTable" control
TableModify(TABLE_CustomerTable, "Paul" + TAB + "Moore", 5)
// Modification in a column of a Table control
TableModify(COL_LASTNAME, "Moore", 5)
TableModify(<Table control> , <Row> [, <Subscript>])
<Table control>: Control name
Name of control to use. This control can correspond to:
  • a Table control.
  • a TreeView Table control.
If this parameter corresponds to an empty string (""), the control used will be the control to which the current event belongs.
<Row>: Character string
Modified row replacing the specified row. This row has the following format:
<Element of column 1> + TAB + <Element of column 2> + TAB + ...
<Subscript>: Optional integer
Subscript of row to modify. The value of first row is set to 1.
Subscript not specified or equal to -1The current row is modified. This constant has no effect if no row is selected.
Subscript greater than the number of control rowsA WLanguage error occurs.

Use conditions

TableModify can be used on:
  • a browsing or memory control,
  • a single-selection or multiselection control.

Characteristics of a row

  • Each row element is changed into the type of the associated column.
  • If one of the elements corresponds to an empty string ("") or to 0 (depending on the column type), its value will be overwritten.
    For example:
    TableModify(TABLE_CustomerTable, "Moore" + TAB + "Peter" + TAB + "" + ...
    TAB + "06/21/72")
  • If an element corresponds to the calculation result, the numeric expression must be enclosed in brackets.
    For example:
    TableModify(TABLE_CalcTable, (53+29) + TAB + (83-21))
  • To modify the value of an element in a row, use the following syntax:
    TableName.ColumnName[RowSubscript] = NewValue

Modifications performed in a browsing Table or TreeView Table control

To modify a row in a browsing Table or TreeView Table control, we advise you to:
Component : wd260obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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