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  • Use conditions
  • Creating/Deleting columns
  • Invisible columns
  • Equivalence between TableAdjust with the control properties
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Stored procedures
Adjusts the title and size of columns found in a Table or TreeView Table control. You can define:
  • the column title,
  • the column width,
  • the alignment of column elements,
  • the input size of column.
// Modify the titles and width of the two
// first columns found in the "TABLE_ProductTable" control
TableAdjust(TABLE_ProductTable, "Ref" + TAB + "50" + TAB + ...
"C" + TAB + "12" + CR + "Designation" + TAB + "200" + ...
TAB + "G" + TAB + "12")
TableAdjust(<Table control> [, <Format>])
<Table control>: Control name
Name of the control to be used. This control can correspond to:
  • a Table control,
  • a TreeView Table control.
If this parameter corresponds to an empty string (""), the control used will be the control to which the current event belongs.
<Format>: Optional character string
This parameter has the following format:
<Title of column 1> + TAB + <Size of column 1> + TAB + ...
<Alignment of elements> + TAB + <Input size> + CR + ...
<Title of column N> + TAB + <Size of column N> + TAB + ...
<Alignment of elements> + TAB + <Input size>
<Title of column>Character stringModifies the title of column.
<Size of column>IntegerModifies the size of column (in characters).
<Alignment of elements>CharacterModifies the alignment of column elements:
  • "C": Centers the elements in the column
  • "G": Aligns the elements to left
  • "D": Aligns the elements to right
<Input size>IntegerModifies the number of characters that can be typed in the column (in number of characters and not in pixels).
Remark: The width of a character corresponds to the width of letter 'E' in the font used for the control title.

If this parameter is not specified, the width of columns is adjusted to the smallest possible width in order for the data to be visible.
Java This parameter must necessarily be specified.

Use conditions

TableAdjust can be used on:
  • a Table or TreeView Table control based on a data file.
  • a Table or TreeView Table control populated programmatically.
  • a single-selection or multi-selection control.

Creating/Deleting columns

TableAdjust creates no column and deletes no column. The control columns must have been described in the window editor beforehand. Make sure that a sufficient number of columns exists before they are handled by TableAdjust.
If the number of columns found in the control is greater than the number of columns handled by TableAdjust, the last columns will have no title and a null size.

Invisible columns

If the columns managed by TableAdjust are invisible, these columns will automatically become visible.

Equivalence between TableAdjust with the control properties

The Title, Width, Size and HorizontalAlignment properties have the same effect as the TableAdjust function.
Component: wd290obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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