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Stored procedures
VariableReset (Function)
In french: VariableRAZ
Resets the variable to its initial value.
If the variable is a structure, a class, a composite variable, the function resets all the members to their initial value.
If the variable is an array, the function resets all the elements to their initial value without modifying the dimensions of the array.
If the variable is an associative array, a queue, a stack or a list, VariableReset is equivalent to DeleteAll: all the elements are deleted.
MyArray is array of 5 by 2 int
VariableReset(<Variable name>)
<Variable name>: Type of variable
Variable to reinitialize.

Case of arrays

If the variable is an Array, the array is not resized. All the array elements are reset to their initial values:
  • The booleans are reset to False.
  • The numeric values are reset to 0.
  • The strings are reset to empty strings ("").
  • The members of instances and structures are reset to their initial values.
  • The instances, structures and dynamic arrays are freed.
To reset the size of a one-dimensional array to 0, use ArrayDeleteAll.

Case of objects

If the variable is an object:
  • the destructor is called
  • if it is a dynamic instance, the object is freed.
  • if it is a non-dynamic instance, the constructor is called
AndroidJava Special case in Java/Android
The concept of destructor does not exist in Java/Android. Therefore, the code found in the destructor of a class will never be run.
An object is freed by the garbage collector when it is no longer referenced in the application. There is no way to foresee the moment when this operation occurs.
To force an object to be freed, you have the ability to assign it to NULL or to use the Free statement.
Component: wd300vm.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 10
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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