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Stored procedures
The SaaS functions are as follows:
SaaSAdminAddClientAdds a SaaS client account.
SaaSAdminAddPricingAdds a SaaS pricing.
SaaSAdminAddServiceAdds a SaaS service into the description of a site.
SaaSAdminAddSiteAdds a SaaS site.
SaaSAdminAddSubscriptionAdds a subscription to a pricing of a SaaS site for a client account.
SaaSAdminAddUserAdds a SaaS user.
SaaSAdminClientConnectionReturns the connection to the database of a client account for a SaaS site.
SaaSAdminConfigureCurrencyConfigures the currency used in the connection reports of the SaaS system.
SaaSAdminConfigureSiteDataConfigures the management of data for a SaaS site.
SaaSAdminConfigureSMTPConfigures the SMTP session associated with the administrator account of a SaaS session.
SaaSAdminConnectConnects and authenticates the administrator of SaaS Webservice.
SaaSAdminCreateClientDatabaseCreates the database of a client account for a SaaS site.
SaaSAdminDeleteClientDeletes a SaaS client account.
SaaSAdminDeletePricingDeletes a SaaS pricing.
SaaSAdminDeleteServiceDeletes a SaaS service.
SaaSAdminDeleteSiteDeletes a SaaS site.
SaaSAdminDeleteSubscriptionDeletes a SaaS subscription.
SaaSAdminDeleteUserDeletes a SaaS user.
SaaSAdminDisconnectEnds the management session of a SaaS database.
SaaSAdminFindClientFinds a SaaS client account.
SaaSAdminFindPricingFinds a SaaS pricing.
SaaSAdminFindServiceFinds the description of a SaaS service.
SaaSAdminFindSiteFind a site in the database of SaaS Webservice.
SaaSAdminFindSubscriptionFinds a SaaS subscription.
SaaSAdminFindUserFinds a user of a SaaS client account.
SaaSAdminIsConnectedIndicates whether a SaaS management session was opened.
SaaSAdminListClientLists the client accounts of SaaS Webservice database.
SaaSAdminListClientSubscriptionLists the SaaS subscriptions of a client account.
SaaSAdminListPricingLists the pricing of a SaaS site.
SaaSAdminListServiceLists the SaaS services associated with a SaaS site, a pricing or a user.
SaaSAdminListSiteLists the SaaS sites declared in the database of a WEBDEV SaaS Webservice.
SaaSAdminListSubscriptionLists the SaaS subscriptions associated with a site or pricing.
SaaSAdminListUserLists the users of SaaS Webservice database.
SaaSAdminListVisitReturns the list of visits to a SaaS site.
SaaSAdminModifyClientModifies a SaaS client account.
SaaSAdminModifyClientConnectionModifies the connection to the client database for a SaaS site.
SaaSAdminModifyPricingModifies a SaaS pricing.
SaaSAdminModifyServiceModifies a SaaS service.
SaaSAdminModifySiteModifies a SaaS site.
SaaSAdminModifySubscriptionModifies a SaaS subscription.
SaaSAdminModifyUserModifies a SaaS user.
SaaSAdminPricingDisableServiceDisables a service in a SaaS pricing.
SaaSAdminPricingEnableServiceEnables a service in a SaaS pricing.
SaaSAdminReadSiteParameterReads a site parameter that was saved by SaaSAdminWriteSiteParameter.
SaaSAdminSiteConnectionReturns the connection to the common database or to the reference database of SaaS site.
SaaSAdminSubscriptionAllocateLicenseAssigns a subscriber license to a SaaS user.
SaaSAdminSubscriptionDeallocateLicenseCancels a subscription license for a SaaS user.
SaaSAdminWriteSiteParameterSaves an information specific to the client.
SaaSChangePasswordChanges the password of the connected user.
SaaSCheckServiceChecks the access rights of the user to a service of the SaaS site.
SaaSClientConnexionReturns the characteristics of the connection to the client database.
SaaSConnectAuthenticates a user of a SaaS site beside the SaaS webservice that manages the site.
SaaSConnectedUserReturns the user currently connected via SaaSConnect.
SaaSDisconnectDisconnect the user of a SaaS site beside the SaaS webservice that manages the site.
SaaSIsConnectedDefines whether the connection to the SaaS webservice is still established.
SaaSReadSiteParameterReads an information specific to the client for the current SaaS site.
SaaSSendSecurityCodeSends the security code to the user so that he can change his password.
SaaSWriteSiteParameterSaves a specific information for a SaaS site in the configuration of a client account.
The advanced saaS types are as follows:
Versions 15 and later
New in version 15
The saasClient type is used to define the advanced characteristics of a SaaS client account.
Versions 15 and later
New in version 15
The saasPricing type is used to define the advanced characteristics of a SaaS pricing.
Versions 15 and later
New in version 15
The saasService type is used to define the advanced characteristics of a SaaS service.
Versions 15 and later
New in version 15
The saasSite type is used to define the advanced characteristics of a SaaS WEBDEV site.
Versions 15 and later
New in version 15
The saasSubscription type is used to define the advanced characteristics regarding the subscription of a SaaS client account to a pricing.
Versions 15 and later
New in version 15
The saasUser type is used to define the advanced characteristics of a user of SaaS site.
Related Examples:
WW_SAASClientSite Training (WEBDEV): WW_SAASClientSite
[ + ] The "WW_SAASClientSite" example is an example for using the SAAS management functions of WEBDEV.

This example is presented like a site for selling SAAS solutions.
To use this example, a SAAS site must be configured as defined in the initialization code of the project.
The Web user can subscribe to a given pricing of a SaaS site without having the call the administrator of the SaaS server.
Minimum version required
  • Version 15
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