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  • Overview
  • Principle for generating a PHP site with WEBDEV
  • The functions available in PHP
  • Ajax mode and PHP
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Principle for generating a PHP site with WEBDEV

WEBDEV allows you to create PHP sites without prior knowledge. The site is developed in WLanguage like any other WEBDEV site.
You can also enter your PHP code directly.
A syntax and lexical analysis is now available for PHP and JavaScript code.
When the pages are generated, the WEBDEV pages and the WLanguage functions are automatically converted to PHP.
Remark: Prerequisite:
  • PHP 5 servers: Minimum recommended version:
    • Version 5.3, up to version 28 Update 3 level 1.
    • Version 5.6, starting with version 28 Update 3 level 2.
  • PHP 7 servers: Minimum recommended version: version 7.0.22.
  • PHP 8 servers: Minimum recommended version: version 8.0.10.
The following databases can be used
  • HFSQL,
  • MySQL,
  • PostgreSQL,
  • Oracle,
  • MariaDB.
The functions available in PHP
The following features are currently available in PHP:
Math functionsManagement of character stringsCookieXXXManagement of dates and times
Drawing functionsEuroXXX functionsEmailSendMessageInXXXMode
ExceptionXXXManagement of external filesListXXXPageXXX
URLEncodeUploadXXXHyperFileSQL functionsFinancial functions
FTP functionsTableXXXLooperXXXHTTPxxx

This list evolves very quickly. It is recommended to check the documentation for each function. The logo indicates whether the function is available in PHP as well as its limitations.

Ajax mode and PHP

The Ajax mode is available in PHP. You have the ability to use the Ajax tables and loopers.
Related Examples:
WW_PayPal_PHP Training (WEBDEV): WW_PayPal_PHP
[ + ] This PHP example, powered by WEBDEV, explains how to propose a secured payment with the PayPal solution in your WEBDEV PHP sites.
It explains how to:
- include a PayPal payment button in a page,
- specify the payment information to PayPal,
- define a page for validating the payment,
WW_Forum_PHP Complete examples (WEBDEV): WW_Forum_PHP
[ + ] This example proposes the main features of a user forum (creation of forums, topics and messages, moderator, search, etc.)

Some of the features used by WW_FORUM_PHP:
- Rich control
WW_Blogs_php Complete examples (WEBDEV): WW_Blogs_php
[ + ] This example is a PHP site created with WEBDEV for managing blogs.
A blog is a log or a diary on an Internet site.
It can be consulted by everyone and everyone can write his own comments.
The author of the blog writes messages whenever he wants to.
You have the ability to format the text, to include images, notes, and so on.
Furthermore, each blog can be exported in RSS.
WW_Association_PHP Complete examples (WEBDEV): WW_Association_PHP
[ + ] This example presents an associative site in WEBDEV PHP.
This site includes 2 main sections:
- the visitor section, accessible to all.
- the management section, reserved to the members of the association.  
This site is used to present the news, the photo galleries, the presentation of the association...
The members of the association can manage their news, their photos, exchange some messages and access the classified adverts...
The administrator manages the site as well as the members of the association.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 06/23/2023

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