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Stored procedures
Monitoring robot: General parameters of checks
The general parameters of the check must be defined when creating or modifying a check. These parameters are used to define:
Scheduling options
The scheduling options are used to define when the check is performed. You can specify:
  • the duration between two checks. For example, if the duration is set to 2 hours, the check will be started every 2 hours.
  • the number of attempts: corresponds to the number of times the check is restarted before it is considered as failed.
  • the wait between two attempts: the tests are run by period of 2 minutes. The time between two attempts must not exceed 2 minutes.
  • the time slots for execution: period of time during which the check must be performed. To run the test during the entire day, the beginning must be "00:00" and the end "23:59".
  • the execution days: corresponds to the days of the week when the check must be performed.
Options for processing the errors
The options for processing the errors are used to define:

Message content

The options for processing the errors are used to define:
  • the gravity of the error report: low, medium, high. Depending on the selected gravity, the text of the message title is displayed in a specific color (defined in the robot parameters).
  • the custom message that may be displayed in the error report.
  • the recommended solution to solve the problem.
Example of message:
2 Network Alert(s) | Maximum priority: Normal
Priority: Medium
Category: FTP
Check: FTP Reports and Queries (xxxx) (# 38)
Error connecting to the FTP server
Failure connecting to the FTP server "ftp.pcsoft.com" on port 21 with the user name.
The last server response is:

Internal details:
- Syntax:
Address of FTP server: ftp.pcsoft.com
Connection port: 21
Connection in passive mode: True
File to find: /wx11/latest/WD250PACKER.exe
Max number of users for check: 0
Download file: False

Additional recipients

You have the ability to define additional recipients for each test. To do so, enter:
  • the names of the requested WDBal users in the "WDBal" list.
  • the email addresses of recipients in the "Emails" list.
Reminder: The list of default recipients is defined in the robot parameters.

Program to start if an error occurs

For each test, you have the ability to define a specific program that will be started if an error occurs. This program must be accessible from the setup computer of the robot. A command line can be specified.
Minimum version required
  • Version 14
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