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How to install WDTRAD?
WDTRAD is automatically installed along with WDMSG and/or WDINT.
To install WDTRAD only, install and run "InstallWDTRAD.EXE" (found in the WDMSG or WDINT setup package).
  • The dictionary provided with WDTRAD is installed by default. To use a custom dictionary:
    1. Use WDTRAD to create and customize your dictionary.
    2. Retrieve the dictionary by copying the "Dictionary" subdirectory from the WDTRAD setup directory.
    3. Paste this subdirectory into the desired WDTRAD setup directory.
  • If external company must translate messages from your application, don't forget to provide the files that contain these messages:
    • a text file,
    • the HFSQL data file (.fic, .ndx and.mmo files),
    • the wdmsg file.
  • Once the translation is completed, the files containing the translated messages must be retrieved. These files must be checked in by WDMSG or WDINT.
  • You must specify the language used the first time you start WDTRAD. This language can be changed at any time in WDTRAD ("?.. Language").
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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