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Stored procedures
WDMAP allows you to print the records found in a data file.
You can select the items to print.
The printed records correspond to the records viewed in WDMap. To print a selection of records, all you have to do is select the records viewed.
How to?
To print all the records viewed:
  1. Display the data file containing the records to print (for more details, see Viewing the records found in a data file).
  2. Select the records to print. For more details, see Selecting the records viewed.
    Reminder: Only the records viewed in WDMap will be printed.
  3. Select "File .. Print...". A picker is displayed, allowing you to select the items to print.
  4. Select the items to print and validate. The selected elements will be displayed in print preview and they can be printed on the default printer.
Remark: To print all the records viewed, you also have the ability to select "Print" from the popup menu of the table (right mouse click).
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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